Robot Stamp Tag
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Robot Stamp Tag

This year, my  youngest son has requested a robot themed birthday party. When he came up with this theme, I was super excited and the ideas immediately started flowing. So, when I saw this adorable little robot, I knew I had to use it some how. My go-to is for favor bags. The robot was cute alone, but I found this perfect little “for <3 you” phrase that just made it even cuter.


I recently got a Stamping Starter Kit and wanted to break it in. The stamps are super versatile. You can change out the color of your ink pad and you can use them multiple times. I can also use the robot and the “for you” independently on different projects. Plus, I can change the medium on which I apply them. A girl has to have options.




For some reason the stamp didn’t want to adhere directly to the bag. I’m assuming  it’s because the bags are slightly coated and there wasn’t anything for the ink to absorb into. My next best option was to create a cute little hang tag. I used the luggage tag shape which I altered just a bit so it fit the size of my robot stamp. Simply cut out the tag, cut out your stamp, press the stamp into the ink pad, and press onto your tag. Isn’t that easy?


I love how this turned out. It’s super fun and now I know I can make stamps to go with any theme. Remember my post last week on Sketch Pen Envelopes? It would have been much for time efficient and cost effective to create a similar design using the Stamping Starter Kit.









for you
luggage tag

Products Used:

Stamping Starter Kit


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  1. Jessica thanks for all your great projects. I have had my stamping starter kit for a few months and haven’t been brave enough to try it yet. I think should now.

  2. I’m sorry to hear you are leaving, but wish you the best wherever your journey takes you. I love almost every project you shared, and will definetly check your site. Thanks!

  3. Do you know if we can print on the white vinyl?

  4. You did a beautiful job stamping this Jessica…love how crisp the image came out. And I’ve loved the projects you’ve shared here!

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