Heat Transfer Game Shirt
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Heat Transfer Game Shirt

Heat Transfer Video Game Shirt | Tori Grant

Hi Friends!

Have a gamer in your house?? I do! Even my little one gets in on the action now and then.  I found this game remote shape off the Silhouette Design Store and knew this would be the perfect tee for my little gamers.

I used heat transfer for the entire design.




Once my shapes were cut out, on the different color heat transfer, I simply layered the design on.  Using a thin cloth press each piece on top until your design is complete.  I used Metallic heat transfer for detail and the words. I love how it catches the light!




Another cute  shirt for my boys to sport around.  I love that the CAMEO allows me to make them their own one of a kind shirts to show off what they are in to! Brendan has been giving me all sorts of ideas on what he wants his next shirt to be!





Shape: Game Remote

Font: LW Friendly

Tori Grant


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  1. Where do you get the shirts from? I’m having a hard time finding good quality blank shirts.

    1. Hi Kris! This shirt actually came from Old Navy. I usually find most of my plain shirts from there or Target. Old Navy has a pretty good “basics” section. I also heard Dharma Trading but have yet to order from them.

  2. So cute, Tori! Our 4 year old would love this! He is a video game addict!!

    1. Awe:) It’s crazy how easy it comes to them!

  3. What a fun shirt. How does the layered HTV hold up over time?

    1. So far so good Torrie! He has actually been wearing the heck out of this shirt. I think it’s going on it’s 5th wash since I made it last week. Not kidding. The smooth layered actually adheres nicely to each other!

  4. Love the silver accents…what a cute shirt!

    1. Thanks Annie!

  5. This is so awesome! I too have a 4 year old gamer who is breaking me because he beats games like its his job! This shirt is really awesome!!!

  6. Very cute shirt. Do you wash it a special way? I have used HTV but it seems to always come off after a couple regular washes.

  7. Perfect shirt for that little gamer! Love it!

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