What I love about you: a scrapbook page


Hello folks!  Caroline here, excited to be back for a share! Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?  This is one of my favorite holidays.  I get to shower my family with love, combine red and pink without scrutiny, and maybe sneak some Cinnamon Hearts.  (It’s kind of funny how I’m the only one who likes them, but they always end up in the kids’ V-Day treats. Hmmm.)


What I love about you scrapbook layout by Caroline Davis


Valentine’s is also a great time to celebrate what we love about our significant others. Using hearts. Lots and lots of hearts.


For this I came up with a couple of things I dig about my Kerig and used my sketch pens to write them in a heart that was also sketched using the pens.  Once they were all done, I left the mat in the machine, turned off the cut lines for the phrase and the heart, then I made an offset for cutting.  This way, when I cut, there’s a thin area beyond the red heart.


Here, let me show you with some screenshots:


Step 1: Find a heart and size it the way you want. Decide on something nice to say. Pick a font and a size that works with your shape. Center the text in the shape:


What I love step 1


Repeat this step for as many nice things you can think of. Or will fit on your layout.


Step 2: Switch to the Sketch Pen option in the cut window.  In the machine, take out the blade and replace with a sketch pen.  Hit cut. WHEN IT’S FINISHED DRAWING, JUST LEAVE THE MAT IN THE MACHINE.


What I love step 2


Step 3: In the Cut Window, switch back to the blade option.  Next open the Cut Style window and with the shape and the text selected click “No cut.”  This allows us to use the shape as our basis for the offset, without actually trying to cut there.


What I love step 3


Step 4:  Open the Offset Window.  Here’s a good place to experiment a little.  For this project I used the corner option and set it to .05.


What I love step 4


Step 5:  With only the outer heart selected, we need to go back into the Cut Style Window and turn the Cut line back on by clicking “Cut.”


What I love step 5


At this point, your mat should still be sitting in the machine.  You can go back into the cut window, and cut as usual.   You should have a nice little shape with your sentiment written inside:


What I love heart detail by Caroline Davis


And a close up of the title set up, using the adorable Polaroid Heart shape:


What I love title detail by Caroline Davis


I used the double sided adhesive for the perfectly glittered “you” – makes it so easy to get fantastic results.


I hope you have something fun up your sleeve for Valentine’s Day.  And if it involves the CAMEO, then all the better!




Shapes used:

SNF Delilah

SNF Lolliphop

Echo Park Heart

Handwrittings: Love


Products used:

6 thoughts on “What I love about you: a scrapbook page

  1. Patricia Vickers says:

    I really need to try the sketch pens. Thank you for the tutorial.

  2. Annie W says:

    Gorgeous work Caroline…I love all the little sketched sentiments!

  3. Such a great page! Those sketched sentiments are fantastic!

  4. Diane says:

    I LOVE the sketch pen adapter is the bomb alone with the sketch pens. Sooo much fun. Love the hearts

  5. Ashley Horton says:

    Really fun page, Carolyn! Love the way you used the Sketch Pens for the journaling on the hearts!

  6. Guiseppa Gubler says:

    Fabulous tutorial! This is awesome!

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