Valentine’s Day Heart Arrow Shirt
First Cut

Valentine’s Day Heart Arrow Shirt


Remember how I am always saying that “I’m a newbie” at this whole Silhouette thing. Well, I hope you get a kick out of this post then. I thought it would be fun to create a cute shirt to sport for Valentine’s Day. I bought an oversized shirt (two sizes bigger than I would normally wear).  I wanted my shirt to be slouchy and relaxed.




I’m in love with the arrow trend. There are a ton of amazing arrows to choose from in the Silhouette Design store. I ended up selecting the Banner and Arrow because I liked how the ends looked like little hearts. I thought that was very fitting. I’m a sucker for script fonts. So, I selected the word love. This one is simple, but is full of character. I just love it. I’m also loving the elbow or knee pad trend. I’ve always wanted a shirt with little elbow pads.




You’d think this was a pretty straight forward DIY, but let’s just say I had some problems. I placed my heat transfer material and loaded it in my Silhouette CAMEO without any problems. Then I sent my design, which needs to be reversed, to the Silhouette machine. The Silhouette CAMEO proceeded to cut. I unloaded the heat transfer material and it appeared as though nothing was cut. So, I reloaded it and cut it again and again and again. I even contacted the other members of the Silhouette Design Team  to see if they had any suggestions that I hadn’t already tried. Finally, I had my husband get me a flashlight. It wasn’t until I bent the material at a certain angle and shined the flashlight on it that I could tell that it was cut.




Had I just trusted my Silhouette CAMEO in the first place and tried to weed the design, I would have been fine. Needless to say, my design isn’t exactly like I had intended, but I love it even more. The re-cutting over and over in a similar spot actually made my arrow tails look more realistic and a little more jagged. So, a lesson learned. Don’t do what I did.







Banner and Arrow
4 Hearts 


Products Used:

New Silhouette CAMEO®


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  1. Oh my….I am so in love with this! So cute!

  2. Thanks! Did you crack up when you read my post? Duh?!

  3. Well, despite all the mishaps, this really does look store-bought! Gorgeous job.

  4. WOW! Your shirt turned out fab, Jessica!! And I love how you added the two hearts on the elbows of your shirt!

  5. I actually do like how the arrows turned out with the double cut! It was meant to be! Very cute shirt!

  6. Jessica—you will be happy to know that I did exactly the same thing you did when I used my Cameo for the first time! I couldn’t tell if it had cut or not! I really thought I was the only one who at first had a hard time seeing that it had actually done what it was supposed to do! I’ll bet there are a few others out there, too! Hang in there! Your first attempt came out a lot better than mine did :)!

  7. This is adorable! I’m wondering what kind of vinyl you used to get that two toned look at the top of the arrows? Hmm…maybe it’s just the lighting in the picture now that I look on my computer screen. Still the gold is perfect! Thanks for sharing!

    1. It’s actually the glitter black heat transfer. I love it!

  8. Very nice,and the recutting made it more beautiful..I like to ask what paint did you apply for it,it looks metallic..and I love it..


    1. It’s not paint, but it is the super cool glitter black heat transfer material that you iron on!

  9. What a fun project!

  10. Such a cute shirt! I like how it turned out!!

  11. Ha ha ha! I’m so glad it wasn’t a problem with your machine or the vinyl. You can’t tell it has any mistakes. Cute heart elbow patches!

  12. Vinyl is tricky stuff! Your shirt turned out wonderfully! The metallic vinyl is really fun!

  13. Hi, I think your shirt is so cute. I am a newbie to Silhouette and am so very lost.I am having problems with the mat being cut.I load my paper on my mat where I think it is supposed to go and the machine starts to cut up close to the top where there is no paper.What am I doing wrong,plz?

    1. Hi Rebecca!

      On the display you’ll find a couple of options for loading. Be sure ‘load cutting mat’ is selected and you should be good to go 🙂

    2. You actually don’t use a mat with the heat transfer material. Select no mat in your setting and when you load it, use the down arrow and select “Load Media.” Make sure your blade is set to whatever is recommended for the heat transfer and proceed as normal! Let me know if you have any other questions, let me know!

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