Stenciled Valentine’s Party Favor Bags
First Cut

Stenciled Valentine’s Party Favor Bags


This week, I’m excited to be sharing a brand new product with you! Some of you may or may not know, but Silhouette will be introducing stencil material really, really soon! That’s right, I said Stencil Material! Are you as excited about this as I am? I know you are going to love it too! What’s not to love, right?




Before we get too technical here, let’s start off with something fun. . . picking shapes from the Silhouette Online Store. I love searching for just the perfect shape for a project! For this project, I mostly picked Valentine’s Day related shapes. If you are doing a similar project, you can pick anything you want. If you want to know which shapes I used, please check out my reference list at the bottom of this post. For the first example, I will be using the 3″ x 4″ Valentine Life Cards. Are you ready?





First, open  a new document. Select a 12″ x 12″ document with no cutting mat (we will be cutting this design out of the new Stencil Material). Go to the Silhouette Online Store and select your graphic. I’ll be using the 3″ x 4″ Valentine Life Cards. Once you’ve opened the graphic, you’ll want to ungroup the image by right clicking on the image and selecting ungroup. Then delete the items that you won’t be working with. I actually left the little “Feb 14” image too. You may have to ungroup more than once to delete everything you don’t want.




Now, all you should have left is the word “Love”. My bags are a 4″ x 6″ so I created a box that was 4″ x 5.”  Then I placed the word “Love” on top of that box. Select both the heart and the “LVE” and resize to fit inside the box. I just made mine a little larger. In hindsight, I would have made my box the full 4″ x 6″ to give me a little more protection when stenciling. I’m a messy crafter and tend to get a little wild with my paint. Had I made my box a little larger, it would have protected more of the bag.   This image was intended for printing, so we have one more step to get this image ready for cutting. Open the Trace window and uncheck “High Pass Filter.” Then increase the threshold to around 80% and select “Trace.” Now your image is ready to cut. In order to maximize your Stencil Material, I would create a few more designs, which is what I did. I selected 2 Love Fish, one of the hearts from the 4 Hearts set, and the ‘I Love Mustache’ phrase.




To cut your stencil, send your images to the Silhouette machine. Set your rollers to 13″, load the stencil material into the Silhouette machine using “Load Media” select Stencil as your media and follow the cutting settings.


Place the stencil on your muslin bag. Make sure you put a piece of cardboard inside your bag so the stencil doesn’t bleed through. Just use a small amount of paint. I dipped the brush into the paint and then blotted it on a paper plate before I applied it to the bag. That removed a lot of the excess paint!









3″ x 4″ Valentine Life Cards
2 Love Fish
4 Hearts set
‘I Love Mustache’


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  1. Is this type of stencil material appropriate for cutting stencils to paint on walls as well? Or should I use a thicker plastic for that? And if so, does anyone have experience using the Cameo for this? Thanks! 🙂

  2. Can’t wait for the stencil material to come out!
    Any ideas for preschool Valentine projects with the Silhouette? I’d love to see some!

    1. I will have a kids’ Valentine’s project using this stencil material on Jan. 31st. It’s great stuff!

    2. I will also try and do a kids Valentine’s Day project in early February! Not sure what medium I am using yet, but it will be fun!

    1. Thank you! I’d love to see what you are doing with the stencil material!

  3. Nice project! I have a question, though, how is this new stencil material different from the one that was already available?

    1. The original stencil material is more like a see-through vinyl. One time use and great for things like fabric ink or glass etching. This new stencil material is thick and re-usable. Great for repeating patterns on a large area or for wood or for any design you want to repeat multiple times.

      1. Thanks for answering that one Kelly! I was unfamiliar that Silhouette even made that. 🙂

  4. Is this reusable stencil so you can make multiple projects?

  5. Oh, I love this! Everything about it is perfect! I cannot wait to try the stencil material! Hmmm…I think my CAMEO dust cover might need some sprucing up… 😉

    1. That is such a great idea! I need to get a dust cover. Is it ever on your machine. I swear I use mine daily now 🙂

  6. Jessica, I love these adorable little bags!

    1. Thanks Kelly! I actually have them sitting at my desk right now and I love them too! xo

  7. These are great Jessica…love how you used the different paint finishes. Really makes that Love bag special!

    1. You know, I had a hard time selecting paint, but I think that one turned out really nicely! I am going to experiment with some other paint combos too!

  8. These are adorable Jessica!! What a fun way to use the stencil material!!

    1. Thanks Ashley! They are super easy to make!! You can do one or twenty 🙂

  9. Super sweet idea! I love how these look and can’t wait to do some myself! Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. Love the bags. It looks like a glittery paint on the heart and E. What did you use? Thanks for showing us how to do this.

    I think these would be great gifts for my Street Team (street team for my books)

  11. Would this stencil material work on a bottle for fusing? I’ve been using sand blast resist but these are one shot deals.

  12. Can this be used to create quilting stencils?

    1. You bet!

  13. I’m super excited for the stencil material. I have been interested in making stencils but have not found instructions on making the “island” Will you have a tutorial on this? Thank you and love the “LOVE” stencil. Fun and easy!

  14. Will this work with the silhouette sd? I sure hope so.

  15. This may be a crazy question since I’m VERY new to the Cameo world. Could you use this material to cut out a stencil for a chalkboard project? I simply cannot draw/write well enough to do a design on my new chalkboard and hope this could be a solution!

    1. I think it could definitely work for that kind of project 🙂

  16. Where can I get more info on makeing those “islands” when creating stencils? Thanks…Dawn

    1. Hi Dawn, You can do that by drawing a small rectangle, then drag it over the top of the two shapes or pieces of a shape that need to be connected. Then, select all of the pieces and in the modify window select subtract. After you give it a shot, let me know if you have any questions. We are happy to help!

  17. Ok that sounds really hard. I am talking mostly about fonts. When I need the middle of an O or A or B to stay. Would that be any different to make those “bridges”?

  18. Maybe a tutorial on “islands”?

  19. Is this new stencil material, actually a plastic or is it material(fabric)


  20. Hi there, I am really interested in this stencil material, but what do you mean when you say “no cutting mat”?

  21. In response to the question about a chalkboard project, since a chalkboard is flat and smooth, adhesive vinyl would be an excellent stencil material for that. And it would allow for more shapes and types of letters, since it can have “floating” pieces.

  22. Can the stencil material be used for glass etching

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