Stenciled Fabric Ink Shirt
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Stenciled Fabric Ink Shirt

Lovebug Stencil |Tori Grant


Hello Everyone!  I got to try out the new stencil material from Silhouette this week! I decided I would make a stencil out of this cute little love bug for Valentine’s day.


Lovebug Stencil | Tori Grant


The stencil is thicker than the stencil vinyl.  I loaded it into the machine without the mat.  The best part about it is that it is reusable! Once the stencil was cut I placed it where I wanted it on my shirt. I used black fabric ink and used a sponge to apply the ink.


Love bug Reusable Stencil | Tori Grant


Be sure to save the paper backing to place your stencil back on after you use it. Now I can make as many copies of this little love bug as I want!




Here is a detailed shot of the little love bug.  I made the heart shaped gas clouds in Illustrator and just brought them over to Silhouette Studio.


Love Bug Stencil Shirt | Tori Grant


I used metallic heat transfer for the words love bug. Now I have a cute little valentine’s day shirt for my little love bug to wear! The stencil material will be coming soon! Be sure to keep an eye out for it!






Amy Tan Car



Modern Sans



stencil material

Tori Grant

Products Used:

New Silhouette CAMEO®


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  1. I love every t-shirt you make! I want to be your kid and get to wear all these fun creations!

    1. Haha Caroline:) They have been pretty well dressed kids lately. Now my oldest is asking me to make more shirts. He was just telling me today “can you make me another robot shirt, mama?” I think I started something…

  2. I agree! Your t-shirts are so cute. 🙂

    1. Thanks Kelly:)

  3. So cute Tori!! Love the fun little car!

    1. Thanks Ashley!!

  4. That is very cute! I this design. I will have to remember it for the future. My son has WAY too many shirts right now, maybe next year! 🙂

    1. Thanks Lynette! Isn’t the heart in the car the cutest?! It looks adorable on my little one. I know about having too many shirts. We need to go through and purge all his small ones! They grow too fast 🙁

  5. Adorable!

    1. Thanks Annie!

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