The ‘Offset’ feature
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The ‘Offset’ feature

Hi there! I have a quick technique to share with you today and one of the words in this week’s free shape is the star of the show.


hello card with offset


I love a busy pattern, especially these arrows, but sometimes I find them difficult  because  the photos or sentiment I want to use kind of gets lost in the pattern. Does that ever happen to you?


Well instead of just having a collection of those fun papers, let’s use them up! 🙂  There is a simple solution that will work in most cases, and that is creating an offset or ‘shadow’ of your shape, cut out of a similar color to your patterned paper.  That way, it doesn’t overpower your sentiment, but breaks up the pattern just enough for the sentiment or shape to pop. Here is a quick before shot of the same card…


hello card no offset


I still like the card, and it would work in a pinch, but the sentiment could definitely use some pop. So, in Silhouette studio I opened and resized the shape to fit my card. Then, with the shape selected I opened the Offset window.




Then, I selected Offset and used the arrows to decrease the offset distance to .70. That of course is personal preference and could change depending on your project.




You’ll see in the screen shot that the shape has got a nice border around it. So I simply separated the shape from the offset. Then cut the offset shape out of white cardstock and the ‘hello’ out of black adhesive backed cardstock. { I love that stuff. It makes for a simple cut, peel, paste! }


I added a couple of foam squares to the back of the offset shape and adhered it to the front of my card base. Super easy, and it gave it just the pop I was looking for!


hello card offset close





love, friend and hello

glitz paper raven arrow chevron


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  1. Thanks for the free shape! I’m sure these will find their way onto some cards in the future! I love doing offsets too. Words on a busy pattern is tricky, but offset (or mats) work well!

  2. Love this card! Got a Portrait for Christmas and am anxious to try this project. Did you cut each “hello” out separately, or can you put 2 different pieces of paper on the cutting mat at the same time?

      1. Thanks for the link! Great tutorial! That will same so much time when creating things!

      2. I’m a new Silhouette owner – thanks for linking to this!

  3. This is just what I need. I bought a giant paper pad and can make the cards and matching envelopes. Great idea, thanks!

  4. I love these. When I tried to remove the word from the adhesive backed card stock, it would not remove easily even when I cut a second time using a double cut. Do you have any recommendations?

    1. Hi Marci, it is hard to say what might be going on. Customer support would be happy to troubleshoot with you though to find the answer. 🙂 You may email them at They are quick to respond and happy to help!

  5. Thank you! I have so much to learn and I am loving my new cameo!

  6. Great idea and simple solution for adding your sentiment over a busy pattern, Jeana!

  7. I love how a simple concept can make such a difference! Thanks for the freebie words!

  8. Way cute card!

  9. Love this card — offsets are a favorite of mine 🙂

  10. I love what you did with the Free Shape and demonstarted
    that a project does not have to be complicated to look good. With just a few materials you made something very nice that anyone would be happy to receive.

  11. Love the simplicity of this card! It is so stunning!

  12. I received a portrait for Christmas and trying to find out the fun things I can do. How do I get the free shapes?

    1. Fun! I think you are going to love it! 🙂 To get the free shape, open Silhouette studio click on the Silhouette logo to take you to the online store. Then, click on the free shape link, add it to your cart and check out. It should download right into your library.

  13. Great card! It’s a simple project for a newbie like me but doesn’t scream “beginner.” This technique will be great for thank you cards!

  14. This looks really nice. Do you think it would look as nice if you filled the inside hello with black, turned off the cut lines around it, printed it and then just cut around the offset? It would save a bit on materials and you wouldn’t have to worry about getting the adhesive backed cardstock lined up perfectly, but probably wouldn’t have the same depth. Just a thought.

  15. Thank you for the freebie! How do you download it?

  16. Nice and easy for me, as I am a beginner. I downloaded the shape of the week to my cart yesterday, but it is not there and I don’t know how to retrieve it? Can you advise?

    1. Hi Kat,

      If you weren’t able to find your shape, email our customer support team at and they can walk you through it 🙂

  17. Hi Jeana,

    I’m sooooo EXCITED!!! I followed your tutorial to make my second project on my new Cameo and it turned out perfectly!!! I’ve made a blog post featuring the card and linked to your tutorial. I also tweeted the post and shared on my Facebook page!

    Thank you so very much for this EASY TO FOLLOW tutorial. I am already seriously IN LOVE with my new Silhouette Cameo!!!

    Peace, Love and Joy,

    Blog: (

    Tweet (

    Silhouette Project #2 – "Hello" Card with FREE Download from Silhouette Online – via @Shareaholic #PeaceLoveandJoy— Joyce Fisher (@PeaceLove_Joyce) January 13, 2014



    1. Joyce- Thanks for sharing your projects! I love your hello card. Such happy colors 🙂 Glad to hear you love your CAMEO as much as I love mine! Seeing projects people are making is one of the best parts of my job, so feel free to share anytime!

      Have a great day!

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