Stenciled Gift Wrap
First Cut

Stenciled Gift Wrap

My favorite wrapping paper is hands down kraft colored paper but sometimes it needs a little something to dress it up.  I wanted to try out the stencil material on it and see if it would work.  The stencil material has an adhesive side so I was unsure if I could get away with using it on wrapping paper but I will show you what worked for me and what didn’t.

Stencil Gift Wrap

I chose the geometric background shape and made a box around it so that I could use it for my stencil.  When you are choosing a shape to use I would recommend something that is very thin so there is less surface area to stick to the wrapping paper.   If you are using a new blade than you are good to go with the settings but I found that for my used blade I needed to do a double cut.

stencil template_white ink

When I put the stencil material on the wrapping paper I gently laid it on and didn’t press it.  Since the stencil was so thin, it stuck just enough to keep the stencil in place but not enough to rip the wrapping paper.  The thicker parts from the box I made brought up a little too much of the paper so I had to be careful.  I used a white ink stamp to fill in the stencil.

Stencil Gift Wrap by Lisa Richards

I added a paper 3d Peony to tie the present all together.    Think of the beautiful and reusable gift wrap possibilities!



Shapes Used:


Geometric Background

3d Peony




Lisa Richards


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  1. So simple…I love it! It turned out amazing!

  2. Loved it! You answered my question regarding the difference between the new one and the old one. Thanks!

  3. That peony makes my heart sing! I love it very much! I dig what you’ve done with the stencil material and happy to see it used on paper. I gather that it’s not so sticky that it damages the paper when you lift it off? Very exciting!

    1. It is pretty sticky Caroline but I got away with it by having very thin pieces in the stencil. The thicker boarder I made around it brought up a little bit of the paper if I wasn’t careful.

    2. When I used it on paper, I dabbed it against cloth first to make it less sticky. Worked great, and it’s still sticky enough to use again. My post with those observations will be up on the blog Friday the 24th.

      1. Good thinking Kelly!

  4. Lisa, I love this decorated wrapping paper! What a great use for the stencil material! And your pink peony is gorgeous!

  5. Great idea for a unique way to use the new stencil material Lisa…love the peony too!

    1. Thanks Annie!

  6. Wow! The stencil turned out amazing Lisa and I love the effect on the wrapping paper!

    1. I like how it looked on the wrapping paper too Ashley! The first few coats almost made the kraft paper look gold. Way cool!

  7. Oh how I love the way this looks! The flower is to die for too! Nice work lady!

    1. Thanks Jessica!

  8. What a creative way of reusing material. Thanks for the mini tutorial 🙂

    1. Thanks Helen!

  9. The kraft and white paired with a bright flower looks amazing!

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