Fabric Ink Deer Shirt
First Cut

Fabric Ink Deer Shirt

We live close to the mountains and frequently have deer as visitors in our backyard.  Whole herds of deer like to come and rest on our back lawn and feast on our apple tree.  Almost every night my little boy wants to check to see if there are any deer in the back yard and gets very excited when he spots a few.  Now I know that deer are popping up everywhere from home decor to Christmas decorations but I thought that if I was going to make a shirt for him, it might as well be something he really likes.   I decided to make his shirt a little different by placing the image of the deer on the side of the shirt.  When you look at the shirt it almost feels like the deer is peeking around the corner.


I used the fabric ink starter kit to make the deer for the shirt.  One little tip if you are using a medium that you don’t have very much of or is a little more expensive, you can cut out a paper version first to make sure it is the right size and style that you are going for.   Plus I was able to easily see where I wanted to place the deer using my paper version.

deer fabric ink

After the paper version got the thumbs up, I cut the deer image out on the stencil vinyl.  I weeded out the actual image of the deer leaving just the deer stencil  and then transferred it onto the shirt.  I used the black ink and the sponge brush to fill in the image.   Make sure you leave plenty of extra vinyl around the image so that when you put the ink on you don’t accidentally get ink on your shirt.

deer shirt side view

My little buddy was such a trooper taking pics out in the cold.  Truth be told he loved it and kept pointing everywhere looking for deer.  This side deer shirt is the perfect fit for him!





Shapes used:

Deer from Hunter and His Target Prey

Lisa Richards


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  1. Awh! I love this shirt Lisa! It does look like he is peeking through the woods. I will be making this one:) You little guy is adorable. He has such beautiful bright blue eyes!

    1. Thanks Tori! He has his dad’s eyes :).

  2. This looks great…I’m so impressed with how crisp the edges come out with the fabric ink every time I see it! What an unexpected place to find that cute deer image too!

    1. Same here Annie! The edges always come out great!

  3. Love how you placed the design on the side of the shirt, Lisa!! Looks great!

    1. Thanks Ashley! The placement is one of my favorite parts!

  4. This looks amazing! I can’t wait to play around with the fabric paint!

    1. Thanks Jessica! I love the fabric paint! So versatile and so easy to use!

  5. This looks so good, but your little model is even cuter:)

    1. I heartily agree Guiseppa!

  6. Love this one! Very clever to put the deer on the side.

    1. Thanks Kelly! I love the placement of the deer too! Kinda sets it apart you know?

  7. Can’t wait to try my new fabric paint starter kit now! Your son is adorable, he looks great in his cute shirt. I’m glad he loves it!

    1. Thanks Louise! You will love the fabric paint!

  8. Love this shirt! Haven’t tried the fabric paint yet, but am going to order some! How long does it take to dry? It’s got to be permanent…won’t run in the wash, right?

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