Printable Christmas Village
First Cut

Printable Christmas Village

Happy free shape Tuesday! This week’s shape is an adorable print and cut Christmas villageย ,ย just the right size to display in a bell jar!


To print, then cut your shape, first open the shape in Silhouette studio. Then open the Page window and select Letter as your page size.



Then, open the registration marks window and turn them on.



In the screen shot above you can see that the printable shape fits nicely inside the red margin and does not overlap into the grey hashmarks. It will fit on a single page if you change the registration mark margins to match the ones below.



Now, you are all set to print! Once you’ve printed the shapes, load your paper on the cutting mat as it appears in Silhouette studio. Then, select your media type in the Silhouette cut settings window and click cut. The Silhouette will then read the registration marks and cut out your shapes. I’ve been using the Silhouette for a while, and I am still amazed at how cool the print/cut feature is! ย A quick tip here, if you print out the shapes on a regular copy paper, you may want to use one of our new light hold cutting mats. They are great for more delicate papers!


Next, carefully peal the shapes from the mat and assemble using your adhesive of choice.


3d christmas village close


I hope you enjoy your new shape!





New to using the print and cut feature of your Silhouette? Check out the tutorials on our YouTube channel to help get you started!



christmas village



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  1. Love, love, love!! Where did you get the adorable bell and tray?

    1. hi Candace! Kind of random, but I got it from a local bakery that sells seasonal home decor items too.

  2. It gets better and better every week! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. This is really lovely – thank you!

  4. So tiny and cute! I love little houses! I also didn’t know you could change the registration marks. Good to know!

    1. I also didn’t know about the registration marks! Good tip.

  5. I agree with Tatiana…the weekly freebies are getting better every week. Love this!

  6. Adorable use of this week’s free shape, Jeana!

  7. My collection of house files keeps growing and growing. Love this one!

  8. My youngest daughter made these tonight!!! Wonderful Thank you

  9. Sweet! That is adorable! Did I get that correct? You made them out of copy paper?
    I wish you could show more “step” for users like me, who are trying to learn the entire process that it took to make the project. Just saying. I LOVE my Cameo, and I love playing with it, but I am just not as masterful as you guys.
    TFS! It’s the cutest bell and tray, also!

  10. Wow…this is stunning and I love how you displayed it!

  11. So cute!! I made some last night and I’m printing out more now to send with my christmas cards.

    1. I love that idea!

  12. This shape is no longer showing up as the Free Shape of the Week once you click past the Online Store homepage. Too bad. Though it is only 75 cents so I guess we really can’t complain too much! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. the free shape of the week is super cute but is coming up as $0.75 ๐Ÿ™

    1. it’s fixed ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. Just cut the free shape it is sooo sooo cute love it will take it to work and display it there as it is a scrapbook shop

  15. I cut out the windows in the 2 larger homes and put some battery operated tea lights under them. They light up! Super cute!

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