Glitter Letter Garland
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Glitter Letter Garland



Making a few decorations and listening to my favorite Christmas music is what’s  happening in my creative space today. How about you, what are you creating today?


My CAMEO is extra busy during the holidays because it makes my DIY decorating life so easy! Like this glitter letter garland.  You can make these several different ways, but let me show you how I made mine…


First, in Silhouette studio I used the type tool type Merry & Bright making sure that it all fit nicely on the mat.


letter garland ss1

Then, I placed a piece of Silhouette chipboard on the cutting mat and loaded it into the Silhouette. Next I selected chipboard from the cut settings menu, adjusted the blade accordingly and clicked cut.


letter garland step1


After the letters were cut out, I ran them through the sewing machine to stitch them together, leaving enough extra thread at the beginning and end to use for hanging.


letter garland step2

Then, I cut the letters out of double sided adhesive. Back in Silhouette studio, I opened the page window and selected Letter as the paper size.



Then, I ungrouped the letters and arranged them to fit on the new page size.

letter garland ss3

I placed the double sided adhesive on the mat as shown in Silhouette studio, yellow side down, and loaded the cutting mat into the CAMEO. Then I selected double sided adhesive from the menu in the cut settings window, adjusted the blade according to those settings and clicked cut.


letter garland step3

Once the letters were cut out, I peeled off the yellow backing and adhered them right on top of the chipboard letters.

letter garland step4

Then I peeled off the white layer to expose the adhesive and covered them with glitter.

letter garland step5


letter garland step6

I tapped the letters to remove any excess glitter and they were all set to hang! Ahhh, sparkle!


DIY glitter letter garland close


Happy decorating!






Abadi  MT Condensed




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  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Now that’s an eye-catching tree decoration! Love all the sparkle!

  3. I love seeing your idea and tutorials…but I STILL have never used my Cameo. I’m afraid of failure, I guess. ;o) When you said you used the type tool for the letters, I don’t even know where/what that is. Help!

    1. Oh no! Let’s get you up and running!There is no such thing as failure. Trial period, sure, but you’ll get the hang of it! 🙂 The type tool is the icon with the A on it. You’ll find it on the left side of the screen in Silhouette studio.

      Also, to help you get started, there are some great tutorials on our YouTube channel Everything from making your very first cut, to creating a project from start to finish.
      Here is the link to a ‘tour’ of Silhouette studio that will walk you through each icon and what it does:
      This is the video tutorial for making your first cut :

      Once you get started, if you have any questions let me know. Or you can always email our customer support {} they are quick to respond and happy to help as well!

      1. Thank you so much!

  4. I love your blog, you have great ideas and tips. I have a quick question – I own a Cameo and bought a Portrait for a friend of mine — unfortunately before your black friday special 🙁

    Anyway, while I was showing her how to use it I hooked it to my computer. Now my Designer shows only the area available to Portrait. I’m sure if I hook my Cameo to it, it will revert to the larger settings, but isn’t there a way to do this manually? I use the SD card to move designs to my Cameo, not the cable. Thanks again for a great blog 🙂

  5. Sooooo pretty! I am all over this idea!

  6. So fun Jeana!! I LOVE that double sided adhesive paper and using the Glitter with it!

  7. AW Yes! that looks easy and fun and primed for brainstorming! Thanks so much.

  8. Oh I love this! I have something similar from Pottery Barn, but I think I am going to have to make a few of these for myself. Beautifully done!

  9. very pretty!! what is the font you used for this? I am trying to see on the photo, it says Arial, but when I type it it looks really different

    1. Thanks Tina! The font is Abadi MT Condensed.

      1. thanks!

  10. I have tried using the double sided adhesive and have a terrible time getting it off my cutting mat. The yellow side stuck to the mat making it hard to use. Any tips??!

    1. If your mat is super sticky, I would recommend using the spatula tool to help remove the shapes from your mat.

  11. Hello! I have a question about the sewing end of this project. I get that you insert the letter and then sew across it. But, after that, do you continue to sew “empty space” till you get to the next letter? Insert the following letter and sew across. Or do you stop after the first letter and pull string out of your machine to get you to the next letter in the sequence? Then start sewing again? Sorry if that’s confusing. I am well versed in the silhouette but not so much with the sewing machine!

    Thanks! KJ

    1. Hi KJ, I just keep sewing, but you can also stop and pull out some thread between each letter. For me the other way seems to be a bit quicker. 🙂

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