Turkey Cupcake
First Cut

Turkey Cupcake

Hi there! How cute is this little turkey? I chose this shape for my project today because he has a lot of different layers which made him perfect for a ‘cut multiple colored shapes on the same mat’ tutorial…


Grab the turkey shape, or one of your own with multiple layers and follow along if you’d like…

First open the shape in Silhouette studio and resize it in the scale window. I resized it to 6″ w, making sure to select the box next to ‘lock aspect ratio’. Then with the shape still selected, ungroup it by clicking the ungroup icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. {you can also ungroup by right clicking and selecting ungroup}




Then, use the fill color window to fill the shapes with the color they will be cut out of. {This step isn’t absolutely necessary, but it helps me stay organized when I’m cutting all of the shapes out at the same time.}




Next, open the page window and use the slider under ‘reveal cutting mat’ so that you can see the grid on the mat under the shapes. Then arrange the shapes on the ‘mat’ by color.




Once they are nicely grouped trim your papers to the appropriate size and place them on the mat to correspond with the placement of the colored shapes in Silhouette studio…




Next, load the mat into your Silhouette, select the cut settings for your papers, click cut and watch it work it’s magic. I love it! {One thing to keep in mind if you are cutting multiple mediums at a time is that they are of the same weight/density so they will cut perfectly with the same cut settings.}

Once my shapes were cut, I assembled the head and feathers separately, adhered them to a toothpick and voila, turkey cupcake!




He makes for a pretty great cupcake ‘topper’, and if you are feeling ultra crafty, grab some vinyl and cut out the gobble, gobble shape to add to the wooden fork. Ahhh, the little details!







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  1. love love love this!!!!!!!!!! Great job!!

  2. This is adorable…I love how his little feet stick out from underneath!

  3. Adorable. Insert gobble-it-up pun here. 😉

    1. Wow that is adorable!! It is all in the details! Too cute! 🙂

  4. I am so excited you did this tutorial, I downloaded this shape the other day, but I couldn’t figure out how to make it with different papers. Super excited! Thanks!

  5. WOW! This is a very insightful tutorial. I’ve always wondered how to arrange the paper to cut … THANK YOU for sharing. 🙂

  6. How Cute! Thanks for sharing and showing new ways to use my beloved Silhouette!

  7. Totally adorable Jeana!! I wouldn’t mind having one of those on the adult table, too!! 🙂

  8. Adorable, I want to make one too! But before I do, I have a question, what did you use for the eyes they look 3d?

    Thanks and great work!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! The eyes are enamel dots. They are one of my favorite embellishments lately. These particular ones are called ‘sprinkles’ by Doodlebug

  9. Love it! This makes me smile, it’s so cute!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. So cute! I’m pinning it to remember to make them for Thanksgiving.

  11. Heehee – such fun. thank you for the great tutorial 🙂

  12. Isn’t he just the cutest turkey ever??!!! My kids would *gobble* him right down. Well, hopefully not the paper. 😉

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