Thanksgiving Leftovers Pie Box & Labels
First Cut

Thanksgiving Leftovers Pie Box & Labels

Let me show you why I love this pie box, and then we will talk labels… the box itself opens flat so you can put down a piece of parchment or wax paper and add a slice of pie with ease.


Thanksgiving leftover pie box


Then,  just lift up the sides and place the lid on top.


Thanksgiving leftover pie box lid


I added the printable label and a bit of simple twine to finish it off and to hold the top and bottom together.


Thanksgiving leftover labels_close


Now for the labels… If you’ve downloaded and opened your free shape already, you may have noticed that my label is a different color. Changing the color is super easy to do, which means you  can customize them to fit your holiday décor.


To change the colors, first ungroup the shape and open the fill color window. With one part of the label selected, click on the color you want to change it to. Easy peasy!





Then, use the type tool to add the text to your labels and fill the text using the fill color window.





Next, open the page window and select letter size. Then, open registration marks window and turn them on.





Once you’ve turned on the registration marks, duplicate and arrange the labels to fill the page making sure to stay inside the red outline and the grey hashmarks. Then you are all set to print! {an easy way to duplicate a shape : select all of it by dragging your mouse across it, then click ctrl+c to copy and ctrl+v to paste {command if you are using a mac}}


I used the Silhouette clear sticker paper for my labels, but if you don’t have sticker paper… Draw a small circle at the top of each label shape, print/cut them out of cardstock and create tags instead!


Thanksgiving leftover pie tag







pie box & labels



ld cotton candy


New to the print & cut feature of the Silhouette? Check out our YouTube channel for video tutorials!


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Products Used:

Sticker Paper - Clear


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  1. Oh wow!! What a great free shape this week! Thank you so much!

  2. The clear labels are genius! And I love that the pie box doesn’t have to be fully assembled. How easy is that??

    1. My thoughts exactly. The word “genius” popped into my head as I read about this flat-opening pie box. 🙂

  3. I love the pie box! What font did you use for ‘turkey’?

  4. Wonderful…this is so pretty!

  5. I love how the box opens flat…totally practical and pretty too!

  6. I love foodie boxes, and am so excited to add this FREE one to my collection. “That’s What Che Said” sent me over here as well – thanks SO much for the give away!

  7. This machine is genius oooh the possibilities!!! I Want!

  8. Crafting and food…definitely my idea of fun!!

  9. How do you keep the lid together? Did you use tape or glue? This is such an adorable shape.

    1. I used a little ‘glossy accents’ which is one of my favorite adhesives for 3d shapes.

  10. Thanks so much! I’ll have to get some.

  11. This is amazing! What a great idea. So pretty & practical too.
    Jamie @

  12. Wow! What a great shape! Saving this image for when I upgrade.

  13. Sent to check out your blog from That What Che Said. These look awesome! Great idea!

  14. Love this!!! What material did you use for the actual box? (cardstock, chipboard, …?)

    1. Hi Kelsey! I used patterned scrapbook paper that has the same weight as thick cardstock.

  15. This is a great idea! That’s what Che Said sent me & I absolutely love the Silhouette! Fingers crossed I win it, I have so many ideas for around the house I’d love to do!!! 🙂

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