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Hi there! I’m excited to share some of my holiday gift wrap ideas today! I may be a little obsessive about coordinating, but when I give a gift I try to think of the person I’m giving it to, their holiday decor, their favorite colors, and some times the wrapping coordinates with the gift inside. It’s kind of crazy, but for me that is half the fun! So, while my gift wrap ideas for today are in the neutral/black/white colors, these same techniques will work with your color scheme of choice too!

Let’s start with my favorite… the printable cotton canvas/heat transfer deer tag. The key to this tag is creating an offset path for the deer so it doesn’t get lost in the stripes.


To create the offset, select the deer shape, open the offset window and select ‘offset’ from the menu. Then, move the toggle or arrows to change the offset distance and hit apply when you like what you see.


Now, move the offset shape over the stripes and using the fill color window, fill it with white. Voila!  Now, you’ve got a nice offset for your heat transfer deer to fit in!


Next up, the glittery 25! The secret to this guy and no-dry-time glittering is double sided adhesive!


Sequins are trending right now, and paired with paper snowflakes cut with my Silhouette they make for fun sparkly confetti accents on any package!


Now, here’s a combination that I kind of love… polkadot paper and 3d bows! There are so many different types of 3d bow shapes in the Silhouette online store to choose from, and because you make them at home you can cut them out of any color/pattern you have in your craft space!

giftwrap paper bow

Amazing what a little paper will do for a plain ol’ kraft colored box! I’d love to see some of your gift wrap ideas, so head over to the weekly shape challenge and link to your Silhouette gift wrap projects!

Happy wrapping!


ps. You can now send projects directly to your Silhouette from Adobe Illustrator® or CorelDRAW®!  Check out the NEW Silhouette Connect™ plug-in!  Pass it on.


Christmas gift tags

reindeer silhouette

3d ribbon bow

3d hanging snowflake


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    Love the one with sequins and snowflakes! Too cute!!!
    I did one with a beaded handmade snowflake ( but I’d love to make one with tiny paper snowflakes.
    Thanks for the idea!

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