Happy Halloween Notecards
First Cut

Happy Halloween Notecards

When I was browsing the new shapes in the Design Store a couple of weeks ago, I was excited to see that one of my favorite paper lines was added as printable patterns! I love all things paper, but it is a bonus to be able to use the patterns that I like from paper lines on a smaller scale and with different materials.

I used some of those patterns along with the printable cotton canvas, to make the banner on my little ‘happy halloween’ notecards.

How cute is this new sketch sentiment too?!

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  1. I browse by my project needs. So I usually start with the search box and type in whatever it is I’m looking to do and go from there.

  2. Oooo…such cute cards!

  3. I always look at the New Shapes, too; but I also look at the Popular ones, as well! It shows you what other people are buying! Really like you cards!

  4. I always start at New Shapes also. Everything I like goes on my wishlist, then as I find a use for it I buy it.

  5. I do look at new shapes every week, but if i want something specific – I use search and the filters 🙂

    Brilliant card, love the cotton pennants. This design would be great for all events 🙂

  6. Love the card! Is the printable cotton canvas for ink jets? How does the color hold up?

  7. What a fun way to use the printable part of the software and get really awesome texture! Great idea!

    I tend to shop clearance and sale items. Everything else gets put into my wish list until it goes on sale or I need it for a specific project. I love that there’s a wish list!!!!

  8. Love the card! I am new to this Silhouette thing and I have a shiny new sewing machine, so can make cards like this again.

    As I am new and indulging…I browse new shapes, but there is SO much there. I have a massive wishlist.

  9. I wish I could say I have a bunch in my wishlist..
    But I don’t.
    I bought the Premium subscription when it was on sale.
    Yep, I am good until August of 2014.
    I will be good until August of 2015 when the sale comes around again.
    I have my favorite designers.
    Jamie Cripps of “Bits Of Paper” and and my second one is Marji Roy of “Ashbee Designs”
    I love so many designers, but these two have my 3-D addiction covered.
    After that, I go to the new designs. Then to Popular designs.
    And, for the record, I have you, the Silhouette Blog “on speed dial”
    I have a folder with a folder on you.
    That is kind of scary, I sound like the C.I.A
    Just love my machine, the files, and the blags.
    Now, what was the question?

  10. I second Ruth G – wishlist is the place keeper and then I buy based on clearance or specific need. Can you tell us more about how you used the printable pattern into the shape? I am still pretty new and find the info in your blog so helpful. Thanks 🙂

  11. elegant and attractive cards….
    These can be perfect for this Halloween

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