Decorative Canvas Bag
First Cut

Decorative Canvas Bag

There are hundreds of cute, stylized words and phrases in the Design Store, like I did on this bag!

I  love collecting things…scrapbook paper, milk glass, memories, etc.  My daughter loves collecting “stuff”.  Anything she can get her hands on.  I have to tell her frequently to stop picking up things off the ground/floor.  It’s something I’ve been hating/loving since she was really little.  I will constantly find paper cups, little bowls, and other things with all of her treasures inside, waiting to be spilled.  And I can’t throw anything away, because it’s all “special stuff, Mommy!”  Well, after all these years, I find that I can deal with this habit/love of hers by giving her a place to put it all.  That is where the bag comes in – and the phrase “full of awesomeness” fits it perfectly!
I gave her the bag, and she filled it pretty quickly!  Here’s a little peek inside the mind of an almost-8-year-old!

See that piece of ribbon?  She may or may not have taped a forked tongue on the end of it to make it into a snake…how can I be mad at that?!


7 gift tags

dark pink smooth heat transfer

Amatic SC


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  1. Very cute! My almost-8-yr-old fills her backpack with all kinds of treasures on the way home from school. This time of year every pocket gets filled with horse chestnuts. 🙂

  2. So glad that I could join in this week, look forward to your posts. Everyone’s projects look wonderful.

  3. how did you do this to the bag?? it there a tutorial anywhere??

  4. Where did you get the canvas baggie?

    1. It came from a local craft store, but I’ve seen them or ones similar at Michaels and Hobby Lobby as well.

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