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Airplane Stencil Art

 This project will have you flying high!
The shapes I chose for my project today are a couple of  airplane tiles that are fairly new in the store. {There have been a lot of fun ones added lately!} I had a couple of square blocks of wood left over from another project so I thought I could use them to make some cute book ends, which would be perfect for a little boy’s room!

To make them, I cut the shapes out of stencil vinyl and applied the stencils to the blocks of wood. Then, instead of paint, which is what I normally use, I went with a dark wood stain.  I just love the contrast it has with the natural wood, it has almost a burnt look to it. Kinda fun!

I hope you all have some fun with this challenge and try a new technique or product you haven’t worked with before!  {some of you even have a long holiday weekend, perfect time to create! 🙂 }

Lauren Heperi

Lauren is the blog editor and copywriter at Silhouette America. Her hobbies include reading, writing, and avoiding the gym. She is a member of the Professional Sleepers' Association and never leaves home without forgetting to lock the door at least twice.


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  1. Super cute project. I really do like the stain instead of paint.

  2. Since we are in such a “Pinterest” world now, why can’t we pin your posts? It would be so helpful to have a board with all your tips & ideas!!

    Karen K from Buffalo

  3. love the papers covering the books…mind me asking where you got them?

  4. Thank you for “drawing my name out of the hat” for last week’s challenge. Love the bookend idea.

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