Chipboard flashcards
First Cut

Chipboard flashcards

Hi there! I am excited to share today’s challenge… Numbers! You can use them combined with other shapes, or on their own. As long as you use your Silhouette it’s fair game! {please see challenge rules at the bottom of the post before linking to your project}
Jen and I had a lot of fun with this challenge, and I’m even making another project over the weekend {if I can commit to a color} that I will share with you next week.  But for today’s project I combined numbers, the uber popular triangle trend, and one of my favorite color schemes to create these cute number flashcard puzzles.
I love the dimension the chipboard adds to both the cards, and the numbers!

and of course, a cute drawstring bag with a heat transfer design on the front to hold them in.

Want to make one of your own for your kids, or your classroom? You can find the shape I created in the Silhouette online store here.

Have a happy Friday!

**updated to add assembly directions**

For the dimensional numbers, cut 4 of each out of chipboard and one out of colored cardstock or patterned paper. Then adhere all of the layers.

For the flashcards, cut one base out of chipboard, one number card out of chipboard, one number card out of cardstock and one triangle out of cardstock. Then adhere all of the layers.

*  *  *
I have been seeing a TON of string art on pinterest lately and I thought that a number would be perfect to try this technique!  I went with the number three, because there are three people in my little family.
I started with a cork board, covered in a neutral fabric.  Then I cut the number three out of some cardstock using my Silhouette, and temporarily adhered it to the board.  Once I had pins placed about ¼” apart all around the number, I removed the cardstock and went to town with the string!
You can wrap the string around as many or as few times as you want until you achieve the look you’re going for.  I love that mine turned out a little bit subtle, but you still get the pop of color from the teal!  I will definitely be trying this again with other shapes or words!


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  1. Very cute flash cards. I can see me doing this for my granddaughter once I get moved.

  2. Super cute project! I have had my silhouette for about 8 months now and I am just starting to realize ALL the stuff I can do with it! Sadly, I just now found this blog, but I am a follower and hope to participate in more challenges. 🙂

  3. To color the chip board do you cut the shapes out of chipboard and card stock and glue them together? thanks!

    1. Yes 🙂

  4. Can you post the instruction and tutorial for this?

    1. Hi Ashely, which project would you like the instructions for?

  5. Did you use Silhouette chipboard? If so, how many numbers did you cut out to get it the thickness you have? I am also wondering if you used colored cardstock with chipboard.Thanks!!

    1. Hi Megan,

      I did use the Silhouette chipboard and have updated the post with assembly instructions 🙂

  6. what is the thickness of the chipboard? Is it multiple layers for the numbers?

  7. Thanks for the updated. Sometimes the obvious is just out of reach! I’m off to cut some flashcards!!!

  8. Love the challenges you pose for us. I am wondering if you could do a tutorial on the differences between the file types, jpeg, png, and svg. I think I get the hang of how to use the different files and then find out that what I thought isnt how it works. Maybe following the tutorial the challenge could be for a project that uses all three file types…

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