Thursday’s Sketch :: Be Cool. Watch a Video.

Yay! It’s Thursday!  That means that I have another sketch to share with you.  A card sketch is next in my rotation and this one was pretty fun to create!

I decided to stray from my usual, standard sized card, and opted for a tall, skinny card this time around.  The finished project measures  3.5″ x 6.5″ and I love the size!
I used a combination of cardstock, patterned paper, and stamping to complete this project.  Have you tried the new stamping material yet? I love how easy it is to customize everything I make!
I decided it would be fun to show you how I created this card – from start to finish – so I made you a video! Enjoy, and be sure to share your crafty creations with me!  I just might feature your project on the blog!
You can find the shapes featured on today’s card in this shape bundle, available for a limited time in the Silhouette Online Store!

18 thoughts on “Thursday’s Sketch :: Be Cool. Watch a Video.

  1. Mary George says:

    Jen, please, please tell me how you got your sentiments to cut out so well!? I have given up trying to make my silhouette cameo do this ( bought last Oct). It just makes a mess of the letters and I am fed up!

    Have talked to tech support and they just reaffirm that it is more for large layout lettering and not for cards!

    1. Anonymous says:

      I usually print my sentiments if they very intricate and are smaller than half an inch. Are you welding your letters before cutting?

  2. Ceci V. says:

    Mary, what kind of paper do you use? I like to cut smooth paper for this kind of sentiment. When my cameo is not cooperating or if the shape is too intricate, I like to cut it in vinyl and use transfer tape to my paper. Also, try lowering the speed on your machine before cutting. (Media: textured cardstock/speed: 2/thickness: 33)

    You can see how I did it here on my blog:

  3. Andrea says:

    Hey. Love the card you made. I made a card this afternoon based on the sketch. I love that mine is simple and made it during my son;s nap time, with time to spare. Thank you so much for sharing all your projects!

    My card:


    1. Megan says:

      Your card is so cute! Did you get the sunglasses from the silhouette store?

  4. Gina Casey says:

    Yikes!! Can you help me remember how to get the sketch onto my desktop so
    I can save it to my DE Library please? Is there a download button I have missed?? I did it once, but have forgotten!! I love this sketch. Thank you

    1. Jen S. says:

      Gina – Just click on the sketch and then right-click>save as and save it to your desktop! Hope that refreshes your memory!

  5. Joan says:

    Love your card – so cool! :-)

  6. I’m on a MAC, how did you do the duplicates of the pennant shapes, placing them individually? TIA!

    1. Jen S. says:

      I’m not sure exactly what you mean, but if you are asking how I clicked and dragged another copy of the image, you can do this on a MAC by holding down the option key and clicking on the shape and dragging it. Hope that helps!

  7. jintyoo7 says:

    Very trendy – LOVE it :)

  8. Anonymous says:

    Found some awesome stamping materials at

  9. Sandra says:

    very fun Jen – thanks for sharing.
    Sandra ltb

  10. Megan says:

    thanks for sharing! I love that you did a video tutorial!! My 7 year old boy watched it with me and really wants to help me make it now! :)

    1. Jen S. says:

      How fun! Please share if you do!

  11. Mary George says:

    This is Mary George again. I am the first comment on here asking for some help on getting sentiments to cut out so good as yours did. I thought perhaps you skipped my question since I got no reply? Can you advise me?

    1. Jen S. says:

      Mary – I used a the solid “B” side of a patterned paper. The paper is a little bit thinner which provides for a better cut. I also suggest making sure your blade is sharp and your mat is sticky!

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