Framed Art Home Decor
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Framed Art Home Decor

Sometimes the projects that can be done fairly quickly and don’t require a lot of supplies turn out to be some of my favorites! Like this little framed flower I made for today’s project.With just one shape, your Silhouette, the eraser tool and a couple of pieces of cardstock you can create dimensional art for your home.


You can create this same dimensional effect with just about any shape or text and it’s super easy to do which just gives you one more way you can use the shapes you’ve already got in your library.
To create the effect, I opened the flower shape in the designer edition of Silhouette studio. Then, after I sized it to fit my frame, I used the eraser tool, selected outline at the bottom of the tool window and simply erased the point of each flower.
Then, I deleted the outside border, drew a rectangle the size of my frame and cut it out of white cardstock. Once it was cut out I carefully removed it from the mat, lifted all of the petals and placed a bright color cardstock behind it before popping it into my frame. Easy peasy!
For a more in depth look at this technique, and for a way to get the same look with just the basic edition of the software take a peek at this tutorial
Have a great Monday!

flower filigree


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  1. Which flower shape is this? Very nice!

    1. under her name, “Jeana”, she always lists the names of the shapes… It is “flower filigree/27923”. Click on that and it will take you directly to that image in the online store.

  2. Ooooh i love it! Its the same technique that i used in the “Weekly Shape Challenge & Giveaway” on Aug 16th. Its so simple but with an awesome result.
    Love it!!

  3. can this be done with the regular Silhouette Studio software?

    1. Yes, there is a link at the bottom of the post that will show you how to do it with the basic edition of the software. 🙂

  4. Still can’t find it – not listed as “camilla” or “camellia”

  5. Ok – layered flower by Hero Arts

  6. it is actually “flower filigree”… it says under the “shapes” link under Jeana’s name. She always posts the names of the shapes used in her projects there. just click on the image name and it takes you directly to the store to purchase that image… Easy peasy!!!

  7. Great idea… I have a few places in my new house that could use this little touch of color.. thanks!

  8. I can see the potential in this kind of project. Gets the cogs whirling…. Might try something along these lines myself if I get a chance. Great piece of home decor.

  9. Very pretty! You’re such a smart cookie. You come up with great projects that are simple to do…my favourite~

  10. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I love this!

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