DIY Customized Coasters
First Cut

DIY Customized Coasters

Here is a fun, simple, and quick project idea…



With some of the new patterned circle shapes from the online store it is super easy to customize cork coasters.  Simply resize the circle shape to the size of your coaster, cut them out of stencil vinyl, apply to the coaster and paint away!



I think this would be a super cute housewarming gift, and you can easily personalize the set by creating one coaster with a monogram using the fonts on your computer, or one of the monograms in the online store.

New to using stencil vinyl? Here are a couple of tutorials to help you get started…

How to use Stencil Vinyl and Fabric Ink

Stencil Vinyl Video Tutorial

Have a great day!


Chevron circles


Stripe circles


Tip: To get the most out of these shapes, you can use the pattern inside the circle shapes without the circle border. Just right click on the shape and select release compound path. Then you can delete the outside circle and add the pattern to another shape.



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  1. SO cute! Now, where did you find your coasters? 🙂

    1. Thanks Amanda! I got them from Bed Bath & Beyond.

  2. Very cute project. Why am I thinking about Oreos?…

  3. Very cute idea! I’m sharing on my Facebook!

  4. I made some of these last winter. They were a hit, and the possibilities are endless!

  5. What type of paint works on cork?

    1. I used acrylic paint and it worked really well.

    2. Thank you! I am excited to try this.

  6. This is such a great Christmas gift idea, especially for my foodie friends. Does the acrylic paint hold up to the heat from a pot or would you use this more for decorative purposes? I don’t want them to have a fancy design stuck to the bottom of their pot… thanks for sharing this project.

    1. I use mine for drink cups in the living room, so I’m not sure how they would hold up to heat?

  7. I cannot find these patterns in the store anymore. The link brings me to the batman bundle of shapes. Is there a new link?

    1. Hi Jessica,

      I have updated the links at the bottom of the post. Sorry about that!

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