Interactive Camera Card
First Cut

Interactive Camera Card

This week it’s a very simple card sketch, but I’ve added an interactive element that’s super cute and fun for the lucky recipient!

Camera icons have been trending for a while now and there are so many options available in the online store.  I thought it would be nice to do something a little bit different, and have a little polaroid that you could pull out of the camera.
I love that a simple detail can instantly turn a pretty cute card into an awesome and amazing card!  I put a heart on this one, but it would be just as adorable with a different shape, a phrase, or even a photo on it.  I also think this kind of card would look great featuring a typewriter instead of a camera, with the paper at the top pulling out.  So many possibilities, and I hope you’ll give it a try!
I’ve created a very short  video tutorial on how to create the interactive element.  Enjoy!




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  1. How do you keep the Polaroid from being pulled out completely? Or is it just freestanding inside the slot?

    1. The polaroid can be pulled out all the way. I did, however use foam squares around the outside of the camera, and the ones at the top block the polaroid from being pushed in all the way. Hope that answers your question!

  2. Love the washi tape on your card! I gotta get some soon and play with it. I had no idea what it was until a few months ago. And I’ve seen you use it often in your projects and I think its really cool. Thanks for the video too 😀

  3. A quick question too… How do you hold your camera while you use your hands to show your card? I’ve always wondered that about video demos heehee

    1. Ana – I use a tripod! No way my hands could be that steady! 😉

  4. Very cool project! Thank you for the instructions. I went to store, thinking they were free because of your picture. Discounted yes, free – no.

  5. Love your card and the very helpful video! Just went to the store to get the bundle for the card, and tried to put the “free” shape in my cart, but it says it is $.75! Is something amiss? I tried several times, always with the same result. Is anyone else having this happen?

  6. I had the free shape in my cart from earlier this week and it is now free for .75 as well!

  7. On the image of the set on your blog, it says $0.00 with the date 6/13 and says it is good for 7 more days. When I put it in my cart, it is charging me $2.79! What’s the deal? Is it free or not? Please respond! Thanks.

    1. Hi! You will notice in the description below the photo, that if you own the shapes already, it will take down the price of the bundle. Because I own all of the shapes (see the “I own it” right below each shape?), my total is $0. This amount will be different for everyone, based on the shapes that they already own. Hope that clears it up! 🙂

  8. So cute! Love the concept. Could you please share how you achieved the inkblots on the paper? Or was that the design on the sheet already? Thanks!

    1. Hi Minnie! I simply mixed black acrylic paint with a little bit of water. Then I dipped my paintbrush in the mixture and let a few large droplets fall and then tapped the brush handle with my finger to get the smaller splatters. Easy and fun!

  9. Adorable! Love that the Polaroid pic pulls out & the sketch is a fabulous one. Thanks.

  10. Super cute card! I’m a big fan of interactive cards like this. 🙂

  11. I just came across this via pinterest and while it’s a great card I feel like I’m missing something, where is the video?

    1. Hi Nicole,

      When we moved our blog over to wordpress some of our links were lost. Thanks for bringing this one to our attention 🙂 We’ve updated the post with the video.

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