Thursday’s Sketch :: Hello Sunshine

Hello Sunshine!  It’s starting to feel like Summer around here, so for today’s sketch I wanted to create something bright, cheery, and a bit playful.

I used bold and vivid colors paired with some vellum clouds and  water-colored butterflies for a bit of whimsy.  I love how the softness of the clouds and butterflies adds that finishing touch without being over the top.

For those of you wondering if there’s an easier way to adhere tiny diecut shapes to your projects, why not pull out your sewing machine or stapler?  It’s a great way to add a bit of a different texture to your pages, too!

Hope you enjoy today’s sketch and be sure to share your projects!  Speaking of which…I would love to get some feedback from you lovely readers.

What would you like to see from the Thursday’s Sketch blog posts?  Would you like more video tutorials? More card sketches? Less of me rambling on about random things?  Please leave a comment letting me know what you would love to see more of!  Thanks!

It’s a good day.  Go be awesome!

23 thoughts on “Thursday’s Sketch :: Hello Sunshine

  1. doing a feature bundle is a really great idea – I have yet to do the “sketch” business tho – I’ll have to research the how to on the blog – and you “chat” just fine :)

  2. Kateroar says:

    I like the scrapbook pages, don’t make many cards. Your chat is great. I do like videos for the how to part of things. Tks :)

  3. Hi
    That’s what Che said sent me over to say hi and thanks for the fab Sihouette portrait giveaway and promotion

  4. Hi
    That’s what Che said sent me over to say hi and thanks for the fab Sihouette portrait giveaway and promotion

  5. Ana says:

    This is super cute! I like your style very much. Did you distress the edges of your pink paper? Because I really like that look and would love to try it! I’m a fan of video tutorials! By the way can one create these types of sketches using the designer edition? Thanks.

    1. Jen S. says:

      Thanks Ana! I distressed the edges of the pink paper by simply running my fingernail along the edge and kind of “scratching” the paper. As far as the sketch goes, if you mean the grayscale sketch I include at the beginning I each post, then you can create it in either version of the software. I have had a few people ask about that, so maybe a video tutorial is in order…

    2. Ana says:

      I’m definitely going to try “scratching” my paper for future projects I have in mind, I like that appearance a lot! And yes I meant the grayscale sketch…a tutorial would be great! :D Thanks for the reply!

  6. Mitzy says:

    This is super cute! I would love to see a tutorial on how to use the sketches. Thanks!

    1. Jen S. says:

      Thanks Mitzy! Just to clarify, do you want more ideas on how to use the greyscale sketches I include at the beginning of each post? Maybe how to take it from a sketch to a page?

  7. Ruth G says:

    I love the scrapbook sketches and the bundle looks really fabulous (love the hello sunshine banner!!!) I’m happy with this posting – it works for me! Cards would be OK, too. Thanks so much for sharing and for asking for input!

    1. Jen S. says:

      Thanks for sharing, Ruth!

  8. Jen, your bog posts are perfect, and so helpful! I mostly make cards, but am able to use your scrapbook page ideas for them. I LOVE the look of the vellum clouds – brilliant! And using the staple for the little butterfly so his wings can “flutter” is adorable.

    1. Jen S. says:

      Desiree, I would love to see how you interpret a scrapbook sketch into a card sketch! That’s what I love about sketches – they are just a jumping off point!

  9. Mendi says:

    Such an adorable sketch and layout. I don’t think I will have time to play along this week, but I really wish I did because it’s super inspiring.

  10. kathy says:

    what file is the “capture the moment” in? i purchased the file bundle and can’t locate it!

    thanks, kathy

    1. Jen S. says:

      Kathy – It is in the Echo Park thought bubbles file! Hope that helps!

  11. jintyoo7 says:

    Oh what a beautiful LO :)

  12. Ilona says:

    Love the page and the sketch! I love to read your blog posts as well, don’t chance a thing I’d say. More videos wuld be fine, but not realy necessary. They do take a lot of time to create, I imagine, so I’d rather keep the every day posts. Love the new ways of bundeling the files you use too!

    Keep up the good work!

  13. Love all your ideas!!!
    Sent my That’s What Che Said :)

  14. Jen says:

    While I’m enjoying the scrapbook page sketches, I would LOVE some card ones as well! Also, while the shape challenges are fun, I often look at some shapes (like a flower, or an animal) and go “how cute! but what do I DO with it??” Having some not quite as popular shapes featured to give us ideas as to what we can create with them would be fun, too!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Love Dream Pop on there! looks so cute, Jen! <3 A A ron

  16. Love this…a tutorial is definetly in order – from start to finish please!

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