Print and Cut Party Invitations
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Print and Cut Party Invitations

Hi there! Do you have a summer party to plan and need a little inspiration?  Browsing the shapes in the online store might be just what you need!  The other day while I was looking through the newest shapes in the store, I found the ‘slumber party girl’ and that one little shape inspired these print and cut invitations…

I love how easy it is to make my own invitations by combining shapes from the store and some of my favorite fonts!

Have you tried the print and cut feature yet?


Print and cut tutorials:

Turn a regular cut shape into a print and cut 
DIY Labels
How to print and cut 


All of the shapes used in today’s project can be found in the shape bundle here.


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  1. This invitation set is so cute. I love the whole concept, even the paper bag as an envelope!
    Yes, I have been trying the print and cut feature and have seen some mighty helpful youtube videos that go over functions I didn’t know existed.
    I really enjoy the flexibility that it gives to paper crafters.

  2. Love the print and cut feature! It’s one of my favorite things about the Cameo.

  3. I’ve had issues with the print and cut feature. I’ll print with the registration marks, yet the Cameo isn’t able to sense them. Is there something additional to do to get the registration marks aligned with the cutter properly?

    1. The one time I had a problem, I was printing on green paper. After a little research, the sensor has a hard time with that. If I print colors on a white piece of paper, I’ve had no problems.

    2. Heather, It may just need to be calibrated and if you email customer support at they would be happy to walk you through that 🙂

    3. Heather the other thing may be that you are not using the correct sized paper, be sure that if you print your image on an 8 1/2×11 paper that you program he silhouette for that size. When I first got my machine I made this mistake and the silhouette was not able to read the reg marks.

    4. The problem I had was I was not cutting on the Load with Mat. When I got my machine, Load with Media was checked. When I changed that to Load with Mat, my Cameo was able to read the registration marks.

  4. I use print and cut all the time! I love it!

  5. très bien !! tout ce que vous faites !! dommage pas traduction vidéo pour la France !!!

  6. Love the invitations, it would be really great if you could post the item numbers of all the shapes used…thank you

  7. Please give links for tutorials on print and cut. Thanks!

    1. Hi! I have updated the post with a couple of print and cut tutorial links. You can find them at the bottom of the post. 🙂

    2. Thanks for updating the post!!

  8. Hi Jeana

    I love your projects – they’re always so cute. Please could you tell me, what cardstock/paper do you use – it’s got a great texture. TIA.

    Paula x x x

    1. Thanks Paula! For this project I used American Crafts textured cardstock.

    2. Thank you Jeana. I’ll seek some of that here in the UK.

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