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Hi crafters! Awesome job on last week’s shape challenge and CONGRATS to Michelle, who is the winner of the challenge! {Michelle, please send me an email {blog@silhouetteamerica.com} including your silhouette account email address so we can issue the prize credit to your account! :) }

So, are you ready for your new challenge? This week we did things a little bit different and invited two of our favorite bloggers to create a project using this week’s challenge shape, and they are here today to share them with you! I think you are going to be inspired by what they’ve created…

Hi, I’m Jessica, and my blog is Mom 4 Real.  I absolutely love making pillows!  Pillows can be very expensive, and if you are like me and like to change your home decor often, then buying new pillows to match your decor is not an option.   When I saw this Today is the Day For Being Awesome image on in the Silhouette Online Store, I new I had to make a pillow using it.  Now every time I see it, I smile.

 I used the freezer paper stencil method to make my pillow.  It is so simple and inexpensive, a must try if you haven’t used it before…

I started by smoothing a piece of freezer paper shiny side down onto my Silhouette mat.  I chose my image, then set my blade to 3, and started the cutting process.
Once cut, I pulled the freezer paper off of my mat and ironed it onto some white fabric that I am going to use for my pillow.  Iron the outside part down instead of the actual letters.
Next, I chose my paints and gathered my stenciling brushes.  I dabbed a thin coat over the entire area.
 Once the entire area is covered, pull your stencil up.  You want to do this while the paint is still wet.
  Let dry, then you can sew your pillow using whichever method you prefer.
Now, doesn’t this pillow just make you feel like you are going to have the most awesome day ever?

*  *  *
Hi Everyone! I’m so excited to be guest posting here on the Silhouette blog today! I’m sharing an easy project that is quick to make, but can be enjoyed for a long time to come!
Chalk designs….it’s hard to not see them pretty much everywhere you look these days. And to be honest, I can’t get enough of them. (Want a peek at some of favorite chalkboard design ideas? Here’s one of my newest Pinterest boards: Chalk Dust On My Finger Tips. Can you tell I was once a teacher?)
But if you’re going to put that kind of time into a design, whether it be a framed piece in your living room, or a monogram for your door, you want it to stick around for as long as possible, right?
So, below you’ll find my how-to for making permanent “chalk”  designs….no actual chalk required!
Slate tile 
Vinyl transfer paper
Silhouette Cutting System
White paint and a paintbrush
Lightweight sandpaper
1    Start with a piece of slate. These can be found at your local craft store in a variety of sizes and shapes!

2.     Cut your vinyl stencil with your cutting system, and apply it to your slate using your transfer paper. Make sure you have smoothed out any air bubbles, and your vinyl is adhered well to the slate. We want a crisp, clean design!
3.     Paint your stencil with white craft paint and let dry completely.

4.     Carefully remove your stencil.

5.     With the lightweight sandpaper, gently sand the design and the slate to make it look like chalk!

Couldn’t be easier, right? And now you don’t have to worry about your beautiful “chalk” design smudging after you’ve spent so much time working on it!

 * * *
Do you want to enter this week’s Shape Challenge and Giveaway, here’s the scoop…  
Challenge rules: 
*Create a project using the selected shape {this shape will be chosen from the most popular downloads, so most of you will already have it… but if you don’t, feel free to submit a project using the weekly free shape instead}
*Leave a comment on this Weekly Shape Challenge post before next Friday @ midnight MST with a link to your project {If you don’t have a link no worries, just email us a picture of your project and leave a comment letting us know we’ve got mail}

Each Friday following the challenge announcement, we will select a winner at random from the comments to receive a $10 download credit to the Silhouette online store! Also…we want your projects to be seen, so each one submitted will be featured on our Weekly Shape Challenge board on Pinterest

27 thoughts on “Weekly Shape Challenge & Giveaway

  1. This saying is so cute! That pillow turned out amazing Jessica! I love the colors you chose and I never would have guessed it was a DIY pillow ~ the lettering turned out so good. I need to try the freezer paper method soon. The little chalkboard sign is darling too! Thanks ladies!

  2. Becky says:

    Wow, I love how the two designers each made something so different from the same shape! Awesome projects!

  3. Both are fantastic! Thanks for the great ideas for using vinyl quotes that don’t involve a wall. :)

    FYI, Nikki’s Pinterest link above doesn’t work so I found it myself here: http://pinterest.com/nikkiinstitches/chalk-dust-on-my-finger-tips/

    1. Cindy - FL says:

      Thanks for sharing the pinterest link.

  4. I love these, fantastic tutorials!

  5. Cindy - FL says:

    LOVE the pillow (and slate tile), but I REALLY want to try that freezer paper idea. Thanks so much for sharing this awesome tip!!

  6. Michelle says:

    Yay…so excited to win. I sent an e-mail, but let me know if you don’t see it. These were great ideas. I’ve used freezer paper for applique in quilts, so using the negative as a stencil makes perfect sense.

  7. Reggirl says:

    I love ways you have used the design, I must try that freezer paper bit, my embroidery machine is sick at the moment, so printing on the fabric will be fun & get those designs used, instead of sitting on my computer…lol
    Great work Jessica & Nikki… Congratulations!!!! Thumbs up for your ideas!!!
    Keep up the great work,

  8. jintyoo7 says:

    I must have a look in the shop for freezer paper – haven’t heard of it – LOL
    Fantastic project though :)

    Love the “chalk effect” slate too, wouldn’t a groups of these look great together.

    Thank you, Jessica and NikkI, you do make it all look rather easy :)

  9. Tamra Lewis says:

    What exactly IS freezer paper? Don’t laugh at me, but I have no idea what that is. Is it wax paper?

    1. Michelle says:

      Freezer paper is a heavy paper with a coating on one side to protect meats from freezer burn. My box says that it is plastic coated, but it’s a very thin coating, so when you iron it plastic side away from the iron, it adheres to fabric.

      You can get freezer paper at the grocery store, where you would buy plastic wrap.

      Hope that helps.

  10. I really like the two above projects. I am going to have to try the freezer paper on fabric.

    Here is my submission in this weeks challenge:

  11. Thanks for some more great ideas and another great challenge. Here is a link to my blog post with my card:


    Thanks, Karen Hasheck

  12. ~ Kelly S. ~ says:

    These are awesome ideas! I’m glad That’s What Che Said sent me here, and thanks for the giveaways, Silhouette!

  13. Callie says:

    I absolutely love the pillow! So cute! Thank you so much for all of the Silhouette giveaways you do…including the one on That’s What Che Said!

  14. I love ampersands AND pillows! What a cute project! That’s What Che Said sent me over!

  15. That’s What Che Said sent me. I would like to do heat transfers on T shirts for the folks in the Assisted living home here in town first, and then who knows!! Maybe a T shirt with my blog name, maybe get an early start on Chistmas even!

    Bev @ Give me a paintbrush

  16. J. Hill says:

    Love your slate! That’s What Che Said sent me. Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. Haute Mommy says:

    Love both versions of this project… That’s What Che Said sent me. Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. Michelle says:

    Sent in a card I made using the challenge shape. I don’t think I will get randomly selected two weeks in a row, but hey, you never know… Thanks so much.

  19. https://plus.google.com/117813213268183687277/posts?partnerid=gplp0
    I’m not really into making tags but thought I’d give this one a try anyway! Was a quick and easy way to start my creative thoughts started on this rainy Thursday!

  20. http://cmgr117.blogspot.com/2013_06_01_archive.html
    Not Sure I did it right the first time so trying again!

  21. Sarah P says:

    Here is my submission for this week’s challenge…


  22. Mickey says:

    Do we have until June 7 midnight or midnight of June 6 to send in challenge?

  23. Libby says:

    My contribution to doing things just because I can. An awesome cookie sheet for the backyard ambiance.


  24. Michelle says:

    I just shared pictures via Google+. It’s a bench restoration project we did at our school.

  25. I attempted to make the coasters but every time the paint seeped underneath, such a shame. I’d love to know how to get them so perfect.

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