Vinyl Plant Labels
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Vinyl Plant Labels

Hi there! Are any of you into gardening? If you are, have you already planted? I am pretty sure my thumbs are anything but green, but I decided I wanted to try my hand at growing something this year. Its a bit intimidating, so I’m starting out small and planting a salsa garden. I’ve been told I still have a couple of weeks yet before I should plant, but I’ve got my seeds and the pots and I’m getting anxious. 🙂 Today I am working on a simple little project that’s going to help me remember what is planted where so I give it the right amount of water, exposure to the sun etc. {and to look cute, of course}

In Silhouette studio, use any font from your computer {I used Bebas} and type out the name of each plant. Cut them out of premium vinyl and using the transfer tape, adhere them to the wood plant labels. Easy peasy, right?

{and it’s good thing vinyl is super easy to change, because the first time ^ I spelled jalapenos wrong. oops! }

I got the wood labels at the hardware store, but a paint stir stick, popsicle stick or tongue depressor would do the trick too I think.
If you are giving Mom a plant for Mother’s Day this weekend, how cute would it be to add one of these wood labels with ‘Mom’, a nice sentiment or image on it? Lot’s of possibilities with this little combination.




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  1. These are really cool but jalapeno is misspelled…

    1. Thanks for pointing that out.. 🙂 Good thing vinyl is an easy fix!

  2. HOW cute this would be for chore sticks too! or the boredom cup.. We have a bunch of sticks with ideas of stuff to do that the kids can pull out whenever I hear “Im bored” so I could make these with this WHAT fun!

  3. How cute and cool and easy to do! Wish I had a Silhouette to do it with.

  4. Would be very cute in an herb container garden….fun to see so many things a silhouette can make 🙂 Just saw some fun gift boxes on What Che Said’s blog where she is having a silhouette giveaway.

  5. We’ve been making these this week for our garden! But we’re using one of my favorite script fonts: CAC Shishoni Brush. It actually cuts very well in vinyl with the Silhouette.

  6. Super cute! Makes me want to garden. I came here via the blog What Che Said, where I entered the giveaway for one of these amazing machines. Thanks for offering the giveaway, I’d LOVE to win!

  7. I really like the idea here and also many ideas and tutorials. I’d love to get the materials, but the shipping fee is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE to get them from Silhouette Store 🙁

  8. These are awesome! I’m visiting from That’s What Che Said–thanks for the giveaway!

    ~Abby =)

  9. Came over from That’s What Che Said…Thanks for the giveaway!!

  10. Agree with comment about shipping fees!! Last week I went to order the Chipboard paper which was on sale from Silhouette, but found the shipping fee was about $13+ – about the same price as the chipboard. Needless to say, I didn’t place the order.

  11. I order from Amazon.. I am a prime member so I save all the shipping! SOOO try that friends!

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