Simple Saturdays :: Matchbook Notes

Hello there!  It’s Jen, back with another simple {and useful. and adorable.} project for your Saturday!

For those who don’t know, I have a seven-year-old daughter.  She is constantly saying things that crack me up.  Constantly.  I am always amazed at how she views the world, and frequently astounded at the words/phrases that she knows and uses!  For example, the other day we went out to eat, and I asked her if she liked her roll.  She responded, “Not really…I like it as a friend.”  Ha ha ha!  You can bet I was laughing my tail off!  Don’t know where she comes up with these things…

My natural scrapbooker instincts tell me to never forget these funny things she says because they would make great subject matter for a layout, and it will be fun to look back at those silly things when she’s older.
That’s where this little matchbook comes into play.  It’s pretty tiny {about 2.5″ x 3″} and fits perfectly in my purse so I can remember to jot down the hilarity that is my life. :)  Even if you don’t have kids, or your kids are grown, this would be a great little notebook to keep handy for anything you don’t want to forget!

There are several cute matchbooks to choose from in the online store and I just picked one and stapled some printer paper inside. The shape I chose had pre-sized rectangles, which took out the guesswork.  Love that!

I hope this project inspires you to keep record of the silly and sweet things in life.  And, I’m always up for a laugh, so I would LOVE it if you would share something funny your son or daughter said!

Happy Saturday!

Shapes: click on the shapes below to link to them in the Silhouette online store.
matchbook notepad simple {12″ w”} 
7 arrows {1.940″ w}
she said {1.970″ w}
7 labels {1.090″ h, 1.230″ h}

14 thoughts on “Simple Saturdays :: Matchbook Notes

  1. What a cute idea! I love that!

  2. Ana says:

    This is great. I would like to make one for my hubby. He’s into writing things down and making lists! Anyway, here’s something cute and funny my kiddos said about my freckles: the oldest one said that the reason why God gave me freckles is because He wanted to decorate me lol. My other kiddo once “tried” my freckles and said “mami you have sprinkles on your face” <3 them! ;)

    1. Jen S. says:

      Ana – I have had comments from my daughter about my ‘frinkles’ too! So silly. :)

  3. Barbara says:

    I keep these in my purse, in the car, in my emergency go bag, give them to my husband and friends, in a suitcase when I travel, and I include a mini gel pen that I buy in packages at Staples! You never know when you want to trade phone numbers or email addresses with someone, or jot down a license plate number and insurance information in case of accident. Remember, not everyone in the world texts.

    1. Jen S. says:

      You are right Barbara – you never know when you’ll need to jot down a note!

  4. I absolutely love this! I love making all kinds of notepads, and have made some matchbook notepads, but seeing this pattern and other similar ones, it looks like I may just be making some of these next week.

  5. My six-year-old boy and I were walking to his school and he wanted us to pretend we were vampires, so we did. He said,”The sun is hurting me!” I answered, “No, we’re special kind of vampires, the sun doesn’t hurt us.” Then he said, “Ugh! Please tell me were NOT gonna sparkle!” I was laughing all the way to his school.

    1. Jen S. says:

      Ritchil – This made my day! So hilarious!

  6. jintyoo7 says:

    Very sweet idea – would have loved this when my daughter was younger! You do think you will remember all the cute things they say, but sadly you don’t!

  7. Paula Gale says:

    Love this idea – yes, our kids can truly crack us up at times – or make our hearts melt…

    Now 20, my son when he was about 2 and half said something cute one day when we were (on a rare ocassion) catching a bus. We were stood at the bus stop which had a brick built shelter. My darling son said ‘Mummy, is that the rain garage’. It was so cute that i’ll never forget it – how lovely it would have been to write it down in one of these little books and record the date… that is something I have forgotten – but his words still resinate in my heart. So sweet…

    Thanks for inspiring and for prompting that sweet memory.

    Paula x x x

  8. Jen S. says:

    Palua – Thanks for sharing! So sweet.

  9. Holly says:

    When my youngest son was about 3 years old and wanted me to peel the skin off his apple he used to ask me to “wash the red off”… still makes me smile :^)

  10. Holly says:

    And when he first learned to write his name he said, “Look Mommy! I’m making my name without my mouth!”

    1. Jen S. says:

      Aww! I love the way kids think, don’t you? Thanks for sharing!

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