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Simple Paper Flower Spring Decor

This new blossom shape by Pebbles in my Pocket that I downloaded from the Silhouette Design Store + paper straws and a spray painted mason jar make for easy peasy spring decor. No glue required.

Cut the blossoms from your favorite cheery colored cardstock, fold on perforated lines and push the straw through the hole in the center. It’s a snug fit, so they’ll stay right where you place them, without any glue.



Lauren Heperi

Lauren is the blog editor and copywriter at Silhouette America. Her hobbies include reading, writing, and avoiding the gym. She is a member of the Professional Sleepers' Association and never leaves home without forgetting to lock the door at least twice.


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  1. Two weeks ago I left town for a 3 week trip visiting my children in Wisconsin and Boston. I put up all my Easter decor before I left so I’d be so surprised when I got back. Hahaha = )

    1. 🙂 Such a great idea! Now you can just enjoy it.

  2. Great way to use the straws I’ve been collecting.

  3. I did! I opened all the doors and windows! lol

    1. Fresh spring air sounds perfect!

  4. Ok…just getting around to making these flowers, do you keep them the size that they open up in the studio or do you change the size?

    1. Hi Torrie,

      I did mine a couple of different sizes. You can make them any size you want, just be sure to leave the center hole the original size so that it will fit on the straw 🙂

    2. Thanks!

  5. Those flowers are really attractive.
    Thank you so much.

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