Valentine’s Gift Idea : Notecard Set

If you are looking for a gift to give to one of your paper loving friends this Valentine’s Day… {that doesn’t involve sweets}, using a few shapes from your shape library, or a few new ones from the Silhouette Online store {because the Valentine shapes are just 75 cents now through Valentine’s Day!} you can create a one of a kind paper gift.

Here I created a few simple notecards and matching envelopes. Then, using the envelope resizing technique from this post, I resized the 3d box shapes. One to fit the notecards and the other for the envelopes. Then I added one of my favorite tiny embellishments, the mini clothes pin, along with a heart and print and cut tag.

To go along with the notecards I also made this mini heart garland, perfect for gift wrap, cards or other paper crafted projects. {or if you are like me, just to display because it’s too cute to use}

What valentine projects are you creating with your Silhouette? 
Shapes: click on the name of the shape below to link to the shape in the online store
3 mason jars {the heart}

34 thoughts on “Valentine’s Gift Idea : Notecard Set

  1. Sabina says:

    I have been trying to figure out what to give to my sisters for valentine’s day, until now. Thank you so much for the idea!


  2. Sherri says:

    This is adorable. What a great idea, even for end of year Teacher gifts. Thanks for the inspo!

  3. Sinikka says:

    Such a great and beautiful idea. Love it!!!!

  4. Sandy Lewis says:

    SO cute! Saving to recreate.

  5. Oh, my, heck. This is the cutest little card set I’ve ever seen!!! Love it! Can’t wait to make my version! Especially the mini heart garland. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Gwen says:

    This is really cute! I wish that you would give us the sizes that things were cut at, especially for us that are new to this, it would help.

  7. Unknown says:

    Well done Jeana… so very sweet…

  8. craftymom says:

    This is adorable. It sure would be nice if there were some way to view all of the used files together in the online store though. It would be much more handy than having to flip back and forth between the blog and the store.

    1. Unknown says:

      I keep a litle note pad by my computer just for that purpose… I jot down which files I like then go to the store and purchase…

    2. Love this idea going to do it myself thanks for sharing!

  9. Mendi says:

    Love how soft and sweet these are! That heart garland is an adorable gift wrap idea! :)

  10. Marbel says:

    Precious details, I love!

  11. Melissa Bee says:

    This is so cute. Now I just need to get a Silhouette machine. :)

    I love the color combinations

  12. I have learned so much from your tutorials. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us. I don’t know that I would have ever figured out on my own some of the things you share with us. So a HUGE THANK YOU!

    1. jeana says:

      That is great to hear! :) Let me know if you ever have specific questions, or even a specific tutorial request. I’m happy to help when I can.

  13. jeana says:

    Sabina, how fun! I bet your sisters will love it :)

  14. I love this set and it is perfect as a gift for a friend that loves to write little note cards. I have a question though… did you print to cut your boxes and cards I love the colors and prints but was trying to figure out if you printed those on there. so cute thanks for sharing. I am new to silhouette as well and learning so much from these. Thanks again sharalyn

    1. jeana says:

      Hi Sharalyn, for this project I used patterned scrapbook paper, but it would definitely work using the print and cut feature :)

  15. blurooferika says:

    How lovely! Very Martha and something a friend would squeal with delight to receive!

  16. Amanda says:

    I created pirate eye patch valentines for my 5 year old son with my cameo, I’ll be whipping up cat themed valentines with the cameo for my daughter this weekend.

  17. Leonie says:

    Oh my goodness these are adorable. What size did you make the note cards & envelopes? I love this set, & must make it.

  18. jintyoo7 says:

    Wow, so preeeettty :)

  19. Jen says:

    I tried clicking on 3 of the links. They took me to the main page where you select your country. Not to the direct shape.Even after I entered my country it took me to the main site page. When I put in 4 tag set or the 6 banner set it didn’t find it at all. Can you help me out or fix the links? thx.

    1. jeana says:

      Hi Jen,

      Once you have entered the country, you should be able to come back here and click on the link again to get to the shape. If you are still not able to link to the shapes let me know.

  20. Paula Gale says:

    Wow this is a fabulous project. We girlies love things like this, so I know how well something like this will be received…

    What a fantastic inspiration this is….

    Paula x x x

  21. I have another question: where did you get the clothes pins that you used I wanted to purchase some for future use. thanks

    1. jeana says:

      I got them from Hobby Lobby, but have seen them at other craft stores as well, in different colors even :)

  22. kathy says:

    do you really use these? i just made a set from scrapbook paper and they are so flimsy. I can’t imagine that they would stand up to any use while extracting the cards/envelopes. Any suggestions? double the paper? cut on chipboard?


    1. jeana says:

      Hi Kathy, The scrapbook paper I used is a similar weight to cardstock and they hold up great! :) If you are using something thinner, I would try doubling the paper.

  23. kathy says:

    thanks for your reply. perhaps i will try doubling the paper….this was pretty heavy pattern paper, however just too flimsy to work

  24. Barb says:

    Absolutely adorable ensemble! Question: to make the garland, did you just patiently feed each heart through the sewing machine, or did you mount it on something and then remove it? I am TOTALLY going to make the garland!

    1. jeana says:

      Hi Barb,

      I fed each heart through the sewing machine. It looks a bit daunting, but a minute or two goes by and you’ll be surprised just how much garland you can make :) Have fun!

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