Valentine Treat Box & Custom Shaped Scallop Border Tutorial

Hi, there! This little Valentine treat box is a combination of some of my current crafting favorites. Polka dots, arrows and scallops.

The scallop isn’t part of the carton shape, but I wanted one that would fit perfectly across the top. So, I found a way to make my own using the text to path feature. {yay for new little discoveries!}

Here’s how…

First, I duplicated the carton shape in Silhouette studio and moved one off to the side.

Then, using the type tool I typed a row of periods. Next, in the Text Style window I sized them to about 288pt and changed the character spacing to 40% so that the dots were overlapping just slightly. {you can play around with these number to get a smaller or larger scallop look, just make sure they overlap some}

Then, I used the control point to drag the row of ‘text’ to the curved line on the carton shape where I wanted the scallop.

If you move the text to the path and you find there are too many, or not enough periods to fill the space you need, you can always edit the text and add more or delete some of them. You can also change the text size and spacing here as well.

Once it was on the path, I opened the Modify window and selected weld.

Easy peasy custom shaped scallop.

As you can see in the screen shot, after moving text to the path the lines of the carton are now grey. This means that it is no longer a cut line. So, at this point, because I created two carton shapes at the beginning, I just delete the one on the mat that is no longer a cut line, leaving just the scallop.  {If you prefer not to duplicate the shape at the beginning, you can also go into the cut style window after applying the text to path and enable the cut lines of the carton, then move it off of the mat to cut the scallop. Both ways work just the same, so do what works best for you. :) } Then, I cut it out of the teal cardstock, replaced it on the mat with the box shape and cut it out of patterned paper. Then I assembled the box and adhered the scallop to the inside front. Super quick and simple project. Love that kind of project!

Happy scalloping!

Shapes: click on the name of the shape below to purchase it in the Silhouette online store
heart and key {I offset the heart to get the more rounded bottom}

16 thoughts on “Valentine Treat Box & Custom Shaped Scallop Border Tutorial

  1. KAT says:

    ingenious. thank you for sharing this. now i need to go buy that box!

  2. What material did you use to make the box (scrapbooking paper)? I think I will make these for my daughters school class.

    1. jeana says:

      Hi Kristina, It is made with patterned scrapbook paper that is a similar weight to cardstock.

  3. Unknown says:

    So cute Jeana… I have put scallops on many images with this function. I also like experimenting with other letters to see what type of edge I get. A nice round letter O can make a sweet lacy scallop… V’s and W’s can also make a fun edge, or tabs to fold over if you are designing a 3d “something” … The text to path function is one of my favorites, and I love the look on my other silhouette friends faces when I show them how to do it!!!

  4. Mendi says:

    I can see using this for so many different applications! I have never tried these functions before so I am so happy to learn something new! Thank you! :)

  5. Julie L. says:

    This is really a great tutorial! Thanks so much for sharing this! :)

  6. Just made one.. Love it.. Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. Superwoman says:

    How do you get the text to lay right over your shape? I am only able to get the text to sit up against the shape and there is not enough overlap to allow the weld. And once I move it up against the shape, I cannot move it. Thanks.

  8. Well, periods are much simpler than the o’s I’ve been using! Thanks for the tip. :) Of course, o’s do have their place when you want a hole in the center for a different effect.

  9. Bonjour,
    Je suis de Suisse et j’utilise beaucoup la Silhouette. Je découvre enfin sur votre script qu’il est possible de modifier la ligne de texte mais j’ai un soucis.
    Je vois bien ce point dont vous parlez, mais à chaque fois que je bouge, tout le bloc bouge.
    Y a-t-il une manoeuvre ou un truc special à faire pour faire bouger et modifier cette ligne car je n’y arrive pas ? mille, mille mercis d’avance.
    Vous pouvez soit répondre ici, je ne manquerai pas d’y revenir rapidement ou par mail à
    Mille mercis d’avance.


    translation with google

    I’m from Switzerland and I use a lot of Silhouette. I finally found your script it is possible to change the text line but I have a concern.
    I see the point you are talking about, but every time I move, the whole block moves.
    Is there an operation or something special to do to move and change this line because I can not do it? thousand, thousand thanks in advance.
    You can either reply here, I will certainly come back quickly or by email at
    Many thanks in advance.

  10. Jack Marsh says:

    Hi There,

    I am from the uk and having nightmares inserting a period point into my document.

    All of my period points are coming out square.

    Please help me.

    Many thanks.


  11. Lori Aragon says:

    Thank you…what a fabulous tip!!!

  12. I just got a silhouette and this is my first project that I am going to attempt. YAY I have a question. I got mine to look just like yours but how when I go to cut it out how do I use a different color paper for the scallop? Thanks In advance!

    1. jeana says:

      Oh fun! You’ll just have to move the scallop off of the mat in Silhouette studio, then cut the box. Then, replace the box with the scallop and cut again. Then, glue to the inside of the box front once assembled. Hope that helps :)

  13. dawnaclark says:

    Is that how you did yours Jeana? I wonder why you have the original file moved off to the side and duplicated it, and then did the scalloped one. sorry, it’s just not making sense why you have 2 box files.
    thanks in advance!! :)

    1. jeana says:

      When you move the text to the the path, the path it’s applied to is no longer a cut line. So, you can either go in the cut style window and enable the cut line, or if you duplicate it before starting, like I did here, it is just as easy to delete the shape and use the original one. Just a personal preference. :)

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