Love Tree Framed Art

This week’s FREE shape {phrase included} was created with Valentine’s Day in mind… but, with a quick color scheme change, it can work for every day decor by using papers that coordinate with the colors in your home. Make it interactive by having a dish of pre-cut hearts somewhere near by so family members can add more when they want to, and watch the tree become more full throughout the year.
If you haven’t stocked up on Valentine’s shapes yet, head over to the online store and take advantage of the Valentine shape sale through the 14th. Just a thought… while you are searching, keep in mind that most shapes can be ungrouped and the tags, brackets, trees, etc. that are part of those Valentine’s shapes can be combined with others already in your library and used all year long. :)

11 thoughts on “Love Tree Framed Art

  1. Melissa says:

    This is a beautiful cut, I can’t wait to add this to my collection.

  2. Carol says:

    Beautiful, thank you!

  3. love it – will definitely use this! how do you suggest pasting the letters if making for a card? whats the easiest way since the letters are small and have ‘holes’ so glue can leak?

    1. jeana says:

      I like to use the Zig 2 way glue pen or the xyron.

    2. thank you! i will pick it up this week.

  4. Mendi says:

    What a great free shape this week and the framed art is beautiful! Your tip about Valentine’s shapes being grouped with everyday shapes is so true–I am constantly amazed by the endless possibilities each shape holds. :)

  5. peekkaboo says:

    how did you make the tree branch? is that a brown patterned paper or printed?

    1. jeana says:

      I used patterned paper for this project, but you could fill it with a pattern in Silhouette studio and print/cut too :)

    2. peekkaboo says:

      what kinda of pattern paper is it? i like it :)

  6. Anonymous says:

    que fuente has usado???? me gusta puedo bajarla por internet??? gracias

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