Coloring Silhouette Shapes
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Coloring Silhouette Shapes

Hi there! Here is a fun way to give your Silhouette shapes a completely original look while channeling the child inside of you that loves to color! Bring your shapes to life using water color, crayons, paints or markers.


There’s no right or wrong way to do it, but here’s what works for me… First, cut all of the shapes on a sheet of white cardstock.  While the paper is still stuck on the mat,  color the edges of each shape using watercolor pencils. {I find that keeping the paper/shapes on the mat makes for easy coloring of the little pieces especially, and holds them flat while drying to prevent the damp paper from curling.} Don’t worry about coloring outside the lines, in fact its better if you do, that way you get color all the way to the edge of the shape. Then, using a small paint brush, add water.

After the shapes dry, remove them from the mat and assemble them on a piece of cardstock, or patterned paper using your favorite adhesive and pop it into a decorative frame, on the front of a card etc.

Next time, I am going to give Copic markers a try for a brighter, bolder look.  What is your coloring medium of choice?

Shapes: click on the name of the shape below to link to it in the Silhouette online store
looks like rain
puddle splash
cute umbrella



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  1. Love this! Great idea!

  2. Great idea. I use copics and water color pencils.

  3. I was going to try the water color pencils in my pen holder. I had not thought of cutting the shapes. Maybe an offset and the pencils together, I can’t wait to play.

  4. What a great idea! Why didn’t I think of this??? Thanks so much for sharing!

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  6. Now this is an absoltely brilliant idea… I have printed images with black lines and colored them in sometimes successfully without having ink runs… Never even thought of doing this.
    Just one little suggestion, I actually tried washing a 12 x 12 mat last year warm water, no soap) and all of the adhesive came off. Easy on the water is probably best…

  7. wonderful idea

    1. Such a cool idea. I can hardly wait to give it a go! Thanks for the inspiration to try something new!

  8. What a neat idea. Thanks for the reminder. I used to use watercolor pencils a lot—to color in stamped images. I guess coloring your cut shapes is just the newest twist on an old favorite.

  9. I’ll have to try that also! I love the look of washed water colours, so serene and gives life to the images taht the bright colours detract from.

  10. just bought some copic markers – i can get great use out of them now!

  11. that is sooooo cute! i have no coloring medium because i am too chicken…but i will try this. thanks.

  12. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration! One more way to use my Silhouette in all my creative mediums!

  13. Does anyone recommend a certain brand of watercolor pencils?

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  14. I Love this!!! I don’t know who thought of this but it’s brilliant idea 🙂

  15. Wonderful colouring 🙂 I use copies, pencils and memento markers – sometimes inks watered with a perfect pearl mixture!

  16. Great idea! I want to try this one!!

  17. Super idea – I think I’ll have a go at this!

  18. Such a fantastic idea, Jeana. Thanks for sharing all of your tips. (I especially liked your pointer to leave the pieces on the mat to prevent curling from wet mediums!)

  19. Cool!!!! I love it. It is a great idea to save on paper & time. The effort in changing the different colours for different parts, you can play with any colours you like & even the littlies (kids) can colour in & as you say, it doesn’t matter about going outside the lines!!!
    Thank you for this idea… can’t wait to try it… Maybe in the daylight hours & not in the middle of the night as it is at the moment here in Australia (1.10am)

  20. super ide

  21. Great idea, thanks. I use all different colouring mediums but recently have been using Distress Stain mixed with a little water and applied with a paint brush

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