Paper Flowers & Silhouette Studio Shortcuts

Here is some paper sunshine for your Thursday… 
There are some great 3-d flower shapes in the online store. If you cut them out of bright colored cardstock, and thread them onto craft wire, you can make a whimsical, cheery bouquet. 


I said yesterday that I would share some of my go-to shortcuts in Silhouette studio. Really, these are simple, but I love them.

If you use a PC, replace “command” key with “ctrl” key in the following tips. 

Drawing straight lines::

1 – When using the line tool, hold down the shift key on your keyboard while drawing the line with your mouse and you will get a perfectly straight line every time.

Quick ways to duplicate shapes::

1 – Select the shape then press the command key and the the C key at the same time to copy it. Then, press the command key and the F key at the same time to paste it in place. {right over the top of the original shape}


2 – Hold down the alt key, and click on a shape. This will duplicate the shape right on top of the original one.

Drawing perfect circles and squares::

1- Hold down the shift key while drawing your circles and squares and the proportions with stay constrained {or equal} creating the perfect circle or square.

2- If you have a shape open, and want to put it in the center of a circle or square, start by clicking on the circle or square drawing tool.  Then while holding down the shift and alt keys at the same time, click with your mouse in the center of the original shape and drag it towards you. You’ll see the circle or square enlarge around the original shape from the center instead of from one corner.

Those are some of my favorites…  What are some of your go-to shortcuts?

14 thoughts on “Paper Flowers & Silhouette Studio Shortcuts

  1. brenda says:

    Thanks for the shortcuts – these are great and very helpful since I’m a fairly new user!

  2. Yarnovah says:

    I’ve found that the arrow keys will move a selected shape in a straight line.

  3. iamb says:

    I love how many keyboard shortcuts are the same as I use in Photoshop. It makes my working so much faster and easier..
    I am having trouble with that last tip you wrote.. still working on it:) I am on a Mac.
    Want to mention the one thing I miss is a keyboard command for zooming… or is there one I don’t know about?Thanks!

  4. Those are some of my favorites, too. Also, when you hold the Alt key while dragging a corner handle of any shape it will enlarge (or shrink) from the center out, which often is helpful instead of resizing then having to reposition it.

  5. Very colorful and pretty. Purchased my Cameo a few months ago and it’s still in the box. Need to get it out and start exploring.

  6. KimberlyO says:

    I love the flowers! :)

  7. Barbara Jay says:

    Thank you! I love to use shortcuts on my Mac. I just tried holding the shift key to make circles and squares and it worked :)
    Is there a place to suggest a tutorial? There are so many great border files in the Silhouette Store. Is there a tutorial or can you make one for how to make a border wider without making it taller?

    I make 5″ x 7″ cards and would like to elongate some borders to fit my cards. Some one on another site said to duplicate the border and then remove the center lines where they are next to each other . Then “Weld” the two together. But I am not sure how to do this. -Thank you
    Some people may want to make 12″ borders for scrapbook pages

  8. Ali Oshinsky says:

    I didn’t know about holding down alt to enlarge a shape from the middle. Great tip! I wish the software had a feature that spaced shapes evenly within a shape, but to achieve that effect, I duplicate right or left or above/below and then use my arrow keys to move the shape the way I want it. I count with each tap of the keyboard and the repeat that with the next one.

    1. Have you checked out the “Advanced” options in the Replicate Window? Depending on the design, you might find some shortcuts there.

  9. Jane says:

    Thank you for the tips, purchased the Portrait at Christmas but with a little puppy around I don’t have as much time at the moment but every spare minute I have I am learning more and more. Jane x

  10. MOI says:

    Thanks a million for the tips. I got a Cameo for Christmas and all tips and tricks are greatly appreciated. And then as a bonus you read the comments and lo and behold there are more tips in there.

  11. lindseymc237 says:

    I love the doiley in the background! Did you make it with your silhouette?

    1. jeana says:

      Yes I did… forgot to list it above.. sorry about that! You can find the shape here…

  12. Does everyone know Silhouette has a downloadable list of keyboard shortcuts for both PC and Mac HERE? It’s a long list, but you may find some new favorites.

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