NEW Silhouette Rhinestone Template Material & Rhinestone Setter

Hi there… and happy Friday! Today’s project tutorial is a little introduction to some of the new products I briefly mentioned last week. First up, the new rhinestone template material. I used it along with the new champagne rhinestones to add a little bling to my Valentine’s Day table setting.

To create the rhinestone heart bag… First, turn the regular cut heart shape into a rhinestone shape using the Rhinestones window in Silhouette studio designer edition. Do this by opening the shape, and resizing it to fit on the canvas bag.  {quick tip: When creating rhinestone templates it is very important to size your shape before adding the rhinestone effect. If you resize it afterwards, it will change the size of the holes and the rhinestones will no longer fit.} If you don’t yet have the designer edition of the software, there are rhinestone heart shapes that you can purchase in the online store, you just can’t resize those shapes.
Then in the Rhinestones window under ‘Rhinestone Effect’ select ‘Radial fill’. To use the largest rhinestones select 20ss under Rhinestone size. 
Next, place a small piece of the rhinestone template material on your mat and load it into your Silhouette. Then select rhinestone template material from the cut settings menu and click cut. 
Once the template is cut, remove the black template material from the white backing and adhere it to a piece of backing board. {It’s nice and durable so you can save the templates to reuse over and over again!}
Then, pour the rhinestones right over the top of the design. 
Next, using a circular motion brush the rhinestones over the template until all of the holes are filled. 

Once all of the rhinestones are in place, place a piece of the transfer tape directly over the shape making sure all of the rhinestones are adhered.

Lift the rhinestone shape off of the template and place on the canvas bag.

Then, cover with a piece of fabric and press with a hot iron until all rhinestones are adhered.

Carefully remove the transfer tape and the bag is ready to add to your holiday place setting, or use as a gift bag. You can’t go wrong with a little sparkle.

If you are working on a project, like a card or scrapbook layout that requires just a rhinestone or two instead of breaking out the big iron to set the rhinestones, we’ve got a new rhinestone setter.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend!

*as each new product goes live and is available for purchase, I will post updates, so stay tuned!

assorted hearts set

19 thoughts on “NEW Silhouette Rhinestone Template Material & Rhinestone Setter

  1. Sandi says:

    I’ve never had any luck with iron-on rhinestones. They look great but then fall off as the garment is worn. Can you offer any tips?

  2. windy says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Jessica G says:

    I had the same problem until someone advised me to press down harder when I’m ironing them on! Not a single rhinestone falls off anymore. Oh, and I also flip my project inside out, and heat the rhinestones from the back too.

  4. Ali Oshinsky says:

    Hi. Do you have any tips from yesterday’s tutorial regarding the crop function? When I hit crop, I lose the color in my lines and I’m wondering if there’s a setting to change that. Thanks and have a great weekend.

    1. jeana says:

      Hi Ali,

      If the lines were created using the rectangle tool, the color should remain when you crop. Without seeing your file though, it’s kind of hard to say what’s going on. If you want to save the file you are working on, and send it to me I can take a look though. blog {at} silhouetteamerica . com

  5. Marie says:

    Super new products!

  6. How do you get the rhinestones to land the right way up and not have to turn half of them over by hand?

    1. i have a business where i make custom rhinestone appliqués. Whn you go back and forth in a cisrcular motion the rhinestones fall into the holes. one or two do sometimes land upside down and i use the pick me up tool sold by silhouette to turn them over. As you start to gane more experience this happens less often because you start to get better at applying just the right amount of pressure to get the rhinestones to land correctly. It’s definitely something that gets easier as you keep doing them. The only time i have a really hard time is when my holes are not large enough for the rhinestones but if the rhinestones and the holes are the right size and you keep your brush parrell to the surface while going in a circular motion you should be good to go. I have been using this new product for a while and it makes all the difference. thnaks, beth

  7. This is so adorable that I had to leave a comment! Makes me want to try my hand at rhinestones right now! Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Liz Huggins says:

    I wanted to try my hand and was going to buy the rhinestone kit so that I had the tool to make sure that the rhinestones could be placed in the project right side up without having to place them one by one but they have been out of the kit for weeks. It makes me sad to see the great project and not be able to try them.

    1. i have a business you can check out my website on etsy and if they are out of it you can find other places to buy what you need. you need the template material, rhinestones a cutter and tape and thats it. good luck let me know if you need anything else. beth

  9. What’s the difference between the original and the new template material? (hoping it’s a bit thicker to make a deeper “well” for the rhinestone to sit)

    1. thats one difference but the other big difference is that the new stuff you can make into alphabets and lift and move around the old stuff went onto the booard and stayed there. its like the difference between repositionable tape and permanent tape. the old stuff you would make a word or design and thats it this new stuff you can make enrire alphabets and its so much more user friendly. the old stuff was so annoying to get the rhinestones in this stuff is like magic. hope that helps.

  10. Diana Queen says:

    Neat idea… so pretty! ;d

  11. KAT says:

    wow, first i’ve heard about this new rhinestone setter. what a great tool!

  12. Elisa Cook says:

    Hi ladies,

    I did my first custom design today and used the black template material. What I found was some of the circle didn’t cut and the ones that did didn’t want to stay stuck to the board? Any helpful hints for next time?

  13. Same problem as above….ruined two sheets of rhinestone material because it double cuts and the cuts don’t line up or doesn’t cut all the holes. Any tips???

    1. Jeana G says:

      I would recommend contacting our customer support team. You may email them at They are quick to respond and happy to help :)

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