Paper Doll Valentine

This week’s shape is somewhat of a hybrid, meaning the shapes that make up the girl are regular cut shapes, and the grass is a sketch shape designed to be used with the Silhouette sketch pens. It’s kind of fun to mix the two.  I used it today to create a paper doll valentine…

Doesn’t the sketch shape look cute with the two colors? To achieve that look, I first, opened the shape in Silhouette studio and ungrouped it by clicking the ungroup icon in the bottom left corner. Then, I moved all of the shapes except for the grass off to the side.

Then, with the grass shape selected, I clicked ungroup again. This ungrouped the heart shapes from the stems and grass.

You’ll notice that I also decreased the size of my page to reflect the size of the piece of cardstock I wanted to sketch on. To do this I opened the page settings window and entered the dimensions 4.25 x 6.25. {Doing this ensures that your sketch design will be sketched exactly where you have placed it on your page in Silhouette studio.}

Next, I duplicated the shapes and placed them where I wanted them sketched on my cardstock. Because I first wanted to sketch only the grass with the green sketch pen, I had to tell Silhouette studio not to sketch the hearts. To do this I selected the hearts, opened the Cut Style window and selected no cut.
Then I opened the Silhouette Cut Settings window, selected Silhouette Sketch pen from the menu, replaced the blade in my CAMEO with a green sketch pen, and clicked Cut in Silhouette studio.

{An important thing to mention here..  if you are sketching a shape in multiple colors, to ensure that all of the pieces line up, be sure that you do not unload the mat between sketches. }
Once the grass was sketched, I went back to Silhouette studio, selected the grass shape, opened the Cut Style window and selected no cut.
Then, I selected the hearts, opened the Cut Style window and selected Cut from the menu.

Then I went back to the Silhouette Cut Settings window, made sure that Silhouette Sketch Pen was still selected, replaced the green sketch pen in my CAMEO with a red one, and clicked Cut in Silhouette studio.

Voila… a multiple color sketched shape. Love it!

A fun little trick I’m really liking right now with the sketch pens is… once the shape is sketched you can get a soft, watercolor look if you go over the lines with a wet paint brush. An easy peasy step to change up your sketch pen projects.

So, now what does this have to do with a new Silhouette product? Well, if you’re a fan of the Silhouette sketch pens, you are going to LOVE the new 24 pack of sketchpens. It’s got a rainbow array of fun new colors! Yay!

Happy sketching!


girl with heart

11 thoughts on “Paper Doll Valentine

  1. I’ve been looking for more ideas to learn how to use the sketch pens. This is a cool one. Can’t wait to check on the new product 24 pack of sketch pens!

  2. quilt4fun2 says:

    Great explanation of how you did it! Thank You!
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  3. Kristina B. says:

    This is soo cool, Thanks for sharing!

  4. Marcie says:

    When will the 24 pack be available for purchase?

  5. adorable! Can’t wait to use this one!

  6. Suba says:

    Lovely! Same question…, when will the 24 pack be available. I don’t see it on your site yet. Thanks.

  7. jintyoo7 says:

    Great tutorial, and darling project! Havent had much luck with sketch pens tho :(

  8. Deb says:

    I learned so much just by reading this post! Thanks

  9. Paula Gale says:

    nice outcome and easy to follow steps – well written.

    thank you.

  10. That’s an impressive freebie! Thanks so much!

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