Advent Calendar : Valentine’s Edition How-To

Hi there! Ready for a picturerific post? :) Today you’ll get the step by step for creating the Valentine’s Advent from yesterday’s post.

If you are following along to make one of your own, I’m excited for you!  If you aren’t making the project,  I think you’ll find that some of these steps will be helpful in using your cutting tool in general :) So, let’s get started…

After you have painted your Silhouette advent calendar frame

First, let’s talk about the envelopes themselves. To have them fit nicely between the wires, when finished they had to be about 3″w x 2.25″h. The tricky thing about envelope shapes is that you can’t just enter those dimensions into the scale window and have the folded envelope turn out that size. So, here is a little trick for sizing envelopes…Start by drawing a rectangle the size you want the finished envelope to be.

Then open the envelope shape, select it and the rectangle and open the align window. Click center.

Then, with just the envelope selected, hold down the alt key and click on the bottom corner square on the bounding box. Drag towards the rectangle until the dotted rectangle of the envelope is directly over the solid rectangle. If it ends up fitting perfectly on the sides, but it’s still a little too tall, drag just the top down a bit until the dotted lines and solid lines match up.

Once the envelopes are the right size, go ahead and delete the rectangle and fill the page with envelopes. Cut them out and assemble.

Next up the love note cards…

Start by drawing a rounded rectangle just slightly smaller than the inside of the envelope. {Mine is 2.840w x 2.1h.} Delete the envelope shape. 

Then, to create the striped pattern around the edges draw a thin rectangle. {mine is .075w x 4.990h}

 Then, with the rectangle selected, open the fill color window and select desired color.

Then, move that rectangle to the left of the rounded rectangle and open the Replicate window. Then, click on advanced options down at the bottom of that window.

With the shape still selected enter 20 in the box under Number of Copies. Then, under Position each Copy select ‘to the Right’.

Hold down the shift key, and with the arrow on your keyboard move the furthest right rectangle off to the right of the rounded rectangle.

Then, open the Align window, select all of the rectangles you just created and select ‘Space Horizontally’

Now, it should look something like this…

 Next, with the shapes still selected, open the Shear window. Select 30º.

Then, select the rounded rectangle and bring it to the front by right clicking with your mouse and select Bring to Front.

 I filled the rounded rectangle with white in the Fill Color window so it’s a little easier to see. Then I duplicated the shape and put one of them over to the side to use a bit later.

 Next, you’ll want to select the shapes on the mat and open the Modify window. Then click crop.

Voila…progress. Now, group those lines together by clicking the group icon in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Draw a new rounded rectangle 2.5w x 1.655h and fill it with white in the Fill Color window.

 Then center it over the top of the black lines and open the Offset window.

With the white rounded rectangle selected click on ‘internal offset’.

 Next, to add color to that new line, open the Line Color window and select desired color.

Now, with that new rectangle still selected, open the Line Style window. You will see that the line thickness is 0. In order for that line to print you will need to change the thickness to anything other than 0. I chose .50.

Next, select all of the shapes and open the cut style window and select no cut

Now, remember how we created a 2nd rounded rectangle at the beginning and put it off to the side? Well, now is when that little guy comes back into the picture. So, bring it back onto the mat and select all of the shapes. Then, open the align window and click center. Before going on, you’ll want to group those shapes. You can do that by clicking the group icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Now to get the file ready for printing, open the Registration Marks window and click Show Reg Marks.

Then, replicate the shape as many times as will fit within the red lines, making sure the shapes don’t overlap the hash marks.

Now go ahead and print those out on your home printer. Then, load the paper on the mat and into the Silhouette for cutting. Once you’ve cut them out, write a little love note on each one and set aside.

Then, to make the gold foil heart to put in the bottom corner of each card, open up your favorite heart shape. Then, size it to about .410″, duplicate it 14 times and cut it out using the Silhouette Printable Gold Foil.

Now add those little hearts to your love notes and put one in each envelope and seal with your favorite adhesive.

Glitter Hearts::

To add a little sparkle to the outside of the envelope, take that same heart shape and increase the size to about .960. Cut them out of the Silhouette Double Sided adhesive.

Next, peel off the yellow backing and adhere it to the back of the envelope. Then remove the white cover, exposing the adhesive and cover with glitter. Repeat for each envelope, then clip them onto the calendar and take a moment to admire your work. :)
Number tags:: 
Those are pretty simple. First, open the jewelry tag and resize it to your liking. I used the envelope to give me an idea as to what they would like like in relation to each other. Not an exact science, just a good guess. 

Replicate the tag 13 times and type the number 1-14 inside and fill the numbers with color. Then, turn on your registration marks, print and cut.

Once they are cut out, use some twine or jute and clip them right on top of each envelope.

Love Notes banner::

Now the finishing touch is the “love notes” banner across the top. To create this, open the banner shape and resize it to your liking. {mine is 13.5w x 3.01h}

Then, below the shape type ‘love notes’. You’ll notice there is a small circe on the left edge of the green box around your text. Click on this circle and drag it to the inside bottom of your banner shape. This puts your type right on that path.

Then, once it is on the path click on the toggle bar and slide it up to offset the text so it fits in the middle of the banner instead of right along the bottom.

You’ll notice once you have the text on the path that the banner shape cut line goes from red to grey. This means that it is no longer a cut line. No worries though. Open your cut style window with the banner shape selected and click on ‘Enable Cut Style’ and you’ll be good to go.

Rotate the shapes to fit on your paper and you are all set to cut it out. 

When you look at the finished banner here, you can see that the centers of the O’s are there, but not attached. What?

Here’s a fun little trick… If you duplicate your banner shape and use the knife tool to cut off each end. You can cut it out of a transparency sheet to adhere right to the back of your banner. Then, you have something to adhere the letter counters {or middles} to and by looking at it, you’d never know. Magic. :)

That was a long one, but I hope you enjoyed the process and the finished product. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or email me. I’m happy to help. I’d also love to see your version if you are up for sharing!

Thanks for stopping by, friends. Happy crafting!

Shapes used: {click on the shape to link to it in the online store}
assorted hearts set
assorted banner ribbons
jewelry tag set

Don’t have the Silhouette advent calendar ? You can purchase them here.

36 thoughts on “Advent Calendar : Valentine’s Edition How-To

  1. mimiof2 says:

    Thank you so much for this tutorial. I am a visual learner, and this is very helpful. Looking forward to the next one. I know it will be fantastic!

    1. jeana says:

      Thanks Karen, I am a visual learner myself. Let me know if you ever have a specific question, or tutorial request. :) I’m happy to help!

  2. Ali Oshinsky says:

    best tutorial EVAH! so many tricks, rolled into one. Thank you so much.

  3. dawnaclark says:

    WOWOWOW! Phenomenal tutorial! Thank you so much! Been wondering what I can do with the shear tool, now i know!
    this is seriously the BEST blog!!

  4. Natalie says:

    Does anyone know the size of the frame?

  5. Keri says:

    This is just gorgeous, I love the entire look & style, plus love the tip about the transparency backing…thanks so much for such a wonderful project and lots of great tips…fabulous tutorial!

  6. AntiqueChase says:

    what is the name of the font you used?

    1. AntiqueChase says:

      I purchased the kit, can’t wait, but need the name of the font please!

  7. Katy says:

    What a fantastic lesson! Thank you!

  8. Amy O says:

    Awesome tutorial! Love the trick for spacing stripes and the transparency for the lettering!

  9. Gilda says:

    Thanks for the great tutorial! I’d forgotten about the shear tool so this was a good reminder.

    1. jeana says:

      You bet! I forget about it sometimes too :)

  10. Lynne Phelps says:

    This is wonderful and it covers so many features! Please keep these GREAT Studio tutorials coming!!!

  11. Tonya Cox says:

    Where is the Shearing tool in Slhouette studio?

  12. Karis says:

    What is the name of that font? And where can we get?? Please make it free… :)

  13. Ashley Cook says:

    From the screen shot, looks like Hoedown was used. There is a Hoedown font at

    1. AntiqueChase says:

      thank you! I just downloaded it!

  14. Sorry to be dense, but what is the “transparency sheet” you adhered to the back of the banner?

    1. jeana says:

      Hi Leslie, The transparency sheet is a clear plastic type paper, originally used for overhead projectors, but it works great for crafting too! You can find it at most office supply stores, and even some craft stores carry it now.

  15. I don’t have the Design Studio in my program. Hence, no ‘shear’ window. Can I just use rotate and create each line individually?

    1. jeana says:

      Yep, you sure can. Just takes a little bit longer.

  16. For those who don’t have a transparency sheet, I used regular old scotch tape for the O’s.

  17. Amy Rohl says:

    This is such a great tutorial and cute, classy project. Thank you for sharing! One question: do I need Silhouette Studio Designer Edition for the shearing option? I don’t have it on my version.

    Thanks so much!

    1. Amy, I asked the same question. I created each line individually and spaced them apart (I think I eyeballed that), I then grouped it all and rotated the group 30 degrees. It worked.

  18. timbuck2mom says:

    “Then, open the Align window, select all of the rectangles you just created and select ‘Space Horizontally'”

    I did this but my shapes all stay in one place. They are not spreading out at all.

    Also, I have a Silhouette Cameo that I received during Christmas. What is the Design Studio?

    Thanks for the help.

    1. jeana says:

      Hi there… Without seeing your file it is kind of hard to tell what is going on exactly… but I’ll give it my best guess :) in the step right before the one you mentioned “Hold down the shift key, and with the arrow on your keyboard move the furthest right rectangle off to the right of the rounded rectangle.” Once you’ve done that, you’ll select the rectangle you moved, as well as the other group of them, then select space horizontally, that should do the trick. If you try that and it still isn’t working, you can send me your file and I can take a look at it. :)

    2. jeana says:

      I almost forgot… here is some information on the Designer Edition of Silhouette studio… on the right at the bottom of the side bar you’ll see where it says Silhouette Studio vs. Silhouette Studio Designer edition… if you click on that, it has a side by side comparison of the two.

      Hope this helps!:)

    3. Valerie says:

      I had the same issue and it turns out I had the rounded rectangle selected too. Once I unselected it and only selected the skinny rectangles. It worked just fine. This is a great tutorial! I learned a lot of things I didn’t know.

  19. trisha says:

    I also had trouble when it came to having the lines move-I have the original Silhouette-I don’t have the icon to have the lines go diagonally and I noticed on your left side bar you have a triangle with knife below the knife-are these only on the Cameo ?Any help you can give me would be appreciated-Trisha

    1. jeana says:

      Hi Trisha, the tool you were describing is used to transfer properties, such as fill color and line color, from one shape to another. It and the shear tool are found in the designer edition of the Silhouette studio software which can be used with the original Silhouette. Here are a couple of places you can go to learn more about the differences between the basic edition and the designer edition of the software if you are interested :)

  20. A and K says:

    Can you tell me what font you used for the love notes banner?

    1. jeana says:

      The font is Hoedown.

  21. AntiqueChase says:

    can’t get my lines to space horizontally. I am so frustrated. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong!?

    1. jeana says:

      It is kind of hard to tell without being able to see the file. If only the small rectangles are selected, and it still isn’t working I’d be happy to look at the file if you want to send it to me. :)

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