FREE Shape of the Week :: Glitter Snowflake Ornament

Happy FREE shape Tuesday, friends! With the help of this week’s shape and a little glitter I added some sparkle to our office Christmas tree.

To make the glittered snowflake ornament, I first cut the shapes out of the double sided adhesive using my Silhouette Portrait. {It is the perfect size for smaller pieces and all of our special media, so it’s been getting quite the workout lately!}

Once the shapes were cut, I removed the yellow backing and placed them randomly on the ornament.

Once all of the shapes were adhered, I removed the white cover exposing the adhesive.

Next, the fun part… I poured Silhouette glitter over the adhesive shapes until they were completely covered. 

Then, to remove the excess glitter I used a soft paint brush.

I love how the glass ornament reflects the lights of the tree, and really, can you ever go wrong adding glitter?

One quick reminder before I go… if you are still planning to submit a Letter to Santa, now’s the time! All contest entries are due tomorrow Dec 5. Find the official rules and download the letter template here. Good luck everyone!

21 thoughts on “FREE Shape of the Week :: Glitter Snowflake Ornament

  1. Nope; can’t go wrong adding glitter! Beautiful ornament!

  2. Holly S says:

    Love this…beautiful and so simple!

  3. these are so pretty! I am already a follower but stopping by to say hello from Little Inspirations!

  4. Unknown says:

    Thanks Jeana… This will be a great project to do with my Grandson!

  5. Erin says:

    Simply gorgeous! I just read the review of the Portrait from “Little Inspiration” blog and wanted to say thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Love this idea! Very elegant. Question: I have tried before to stick vinyl on ornaments. My plan was to put the initial of the family’s last name in a big letter and then the entire last name over it in a different color and smaller letters. Anyway, the project didn’t go so well because the vinyl was cut flat, obviously, and the parts that were intended to be closer to the “poles” of the ornament had too much vinyl. Are there any tricks for cutting out shapes that will be adhered to a circular surface?

    I apologize if my description doesn’t make any sense. It’s hard to explain! Thanks anyway.

  7. This is so pretty. I love snowflakes.

  8. Blaise says:

    What setting do you cut such intricate designs, such as the snowflake here, with on the Silhouette? I have the SD and I have tried a few different ways with no luck. Please help!

    1. jeana says:

      Hi Blaise, for this one I used the default settings in Silhouette studio for the double sided adhesive. Sometimes with other intricate shapes I slow the speed a bit which seems to help.

  9. WOW I really hope I win the letter to santa! Its my birthday Thursday and what an amazing present it would be!

  10. Nitasha says:

    So pretty! Glitter makes everything better!

  11. Carol Miles says:

    I am new to my cameo. I am trying to cut the snowflakes. What settings did you use to get a good cut? I have already wasted two sheets of silhouette brand double sided adhesive! Thanks! This is a beautiful idea!

    1. jeana says:

      Hi Carol, I used the default settings that are in Silhouette studio for the double sided adhesive. If those aren’t working for you, you might send customer support a quick email at

  12. Judy says:

    I’m dying (DYING) over the Letter to Santa contest! My first grandbaby is on the way…I so NEED the Cameo! My list of things to do is rather long…

  13. deb duty says:

    Love the snowflakes, but the link to the free shape isn’t working for me. Is there a problem or something wrong on my end?

  14. Myrto says:

    I love the work you are doing in the blog, but it becomes harder and harder to shop from silhouette. And I do not mean only the free shapes, but all the shapes. I press on a design and it leads to the same central page over and over. I have my silhouette for 3 years and I have never used the “trace ” function as I could find everything I wanted in the silhouette site. But now I just cut free shapes I find in the net. So sorry!

  15. Kiwi Sarah says:

    I’m having problems too with the free shape of the week, keep getting sent to a page with lots of different shapes.

  16. krearia says:

    I can’t find the free shape, is there a problem or is there something wrong??

  17. Maïté says:

    I have the same problem than Kiwi Sarah…

  18. Yipperbear says:

    this is great. little inspiration sent me here and i will be back

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