Bear Hugs Valentine

This week’s featured artist from the Silhouette online store is Kristen Magee of k.becca. I used this cute bear shape and “bear hugs” phrase from her portfolio to make this sparkly Valentines card.
After opening the shapes I designed the card right in Silhouette studio so that I could get the sizing of each shape correct in proportion to the rest of the card before cutting them out.
I cut out all of the shapes and assembled the card, leaving the glitter shapes for last. Then, to get the glitter shapes I copied and pasted the “hugs” and the heart onto a new mat.  I changed the paper size to 8.5×11 and loaded a piece of double sided adhesive onto my mat, yellow side down. Next, I loaded the mat into the CAMEO and in the Silhouette Cut Settings window I selected Double-sided adhesive, changed my blade according to the settings and clicked cut.

Once those shapes were cut out, I removed the yellow backing and adhered them to the card.

Then, I removed the white covering, exposing the adhesive.

Next, I poured glitter over the shape and used my finger to press the glitter onto the adhesive in a circular motion.

Then, I tapped off the excess glitter. I love the clean lines!

If you are thinking of adding some sparkle to your valentines this year, the double sided adhesive will be your new best friend. You can find it, and the Silhouette glitter here.

bear with heart
bear hugs phrase


8 thoughts on “Bear Hugs Valentine

  1. Unknown says:

    Well done Jeana… One more project to add to my way too long todo list!!! Happy New Year sil gang!!! Can’t wait to see what “Sil”iness is coming our way in 2013…

  2. Very cute. I can’t wait to play with some of the good stuff “S” has coming out.

  3. Helen says:

    Cute card!

    Happy New Year!

  4. KimberlyO says:

    This is a super cute card!! :)

  5. KimberlyO says:

    Also… what is the file name for the shape that the bear and “bear hugs” is mounted on? :) (Please!)

  6. Penny says:

    I just received a Cameo for Christmas and since I haven’t read the entire manual yet your project answered many of my quesions. Thanks for the great card and tutorial for beginners like me!

  7. Paula Gale says:

    This is a fabby tutorial – i’m really liking the sticky glitter paper – I need some…

    Paula x x x

  8. I made this last night! It came out really cute and it was so fun to make! Thanks for some early Valentine’s Day inspiration!

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