A new year is just around the corner…

Hi there! How was your holiday? I hope you got to enjoy some time with those you love. Mine was very quiet and low key. Loved it! 
I’m glad to be back at work for a few days before the new year so I can share some of the fun projects I’ve been working on. Those who have been following for a while may remember the “plan at a glance” board I did towards the beginning of last year. Well, with the new year around the corner I figured it could use a litte make-over. I started by using one of my favorite shapes, cut out of cardstock to create a little something that would remind me of the word I chose as my word for the upcoming year…
Quick assembly tip:: To give dimension to the shapes that have several layers and pieces, like this little typewriter, use glue dots or 3d foam squares as your adhesive. Along with the dimension, it gives the shape an added bit of interest.
My word for 2013 is story… what is yours? 

18 thoughts on “A new year is just around the corner…

  1. Unknown says:

    Hi Jeana… Hmmmm… I don’t have a “word” for 2013 yet!!! Thanks for the inspiration for a great card though!!! It’s super cute…

  2. Candy Bryant says:

    My word was story and I did such a poor job I’m thinking of using it again!!!
    Ali Edward’s has her One Little Word class that was a lot of fun even if I only watched the videos. LOL
    Can I just say how much I love my Silhouette Cameo and your blog inspires me everyday. Keep ‘em coming.
    Hugs & Aloha from Hawaii.

    1. jeana says:

      Thanks Candy! :)

  3. Annette says:

    wow totally love this..

  4. Barbara Jay says:

    My word for the year is “Focus”. I have a tendancy to get sidetracked and lose time . Then I need to rush to complete tasks I had planned

    1. jeana says:

      Oh, me too! Instead of one word… I might need to make a list :)

  5. Reggirl says:

    Hi, Firstly I would like to say thankyou for the “12 days of Christmas” free goodies, that was a great surprise for me as a newbie to Silhouette Cameo (which I got for my 28th wedding aniverary from my husband in September last). I have become a signed up member of the site & get lots & lots for my money… i went crazy & picked out a heap of cut-outs in the first few days of signing up. I ended up with only 15 cents left & still 2 weeks before the new month….lol. Anyway, to answer your question above hmmmmmmmm…… I would say my word will have to be “CREATE” as I have SO much stuff in my craft room I need to “create” some room by “create” things with all my items to give to friends & family during 2013. Then I can go & buy other things to “create” more.
    Hugs from Regina in Australia

    1. jeana says:

      You are welcome, and what an awesome anniversary gift! :) CREATE is a great word for the new year, and your family and friends are lucky you chose it. Sounds like they will be getting some fun things!

      Have a great day Regina!

  6. April says:

    I am going to use to word “FOCUS” for 2013. I can apply it so many ways. Focusing on things that are important, photography, and the obvious – not getting sidetracked in daily tasks.

    1. jeana says:

      That is a great one.. and I love the photography application of it. Clever! :)

  7. My word for 2013 is Family.. To focus more on making it a point of spending more time with family.. The number one important thing in my life..

  8. Reggirl says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm….. I think we could all use that word “Focus”…. seeing as I think everyone gets side-tracked a lot these days…..lol

  9. Lynne Phelps says:

    A request for 2013 is more on using the software to make new designs and customizing existing ones, like the calendar post!

  10. My word for 2013 is a phrase….
    FOCUS/CREATE. I. Need to do both to accomplish what I want for 2013. I want to find the right place, the right way,and the right time to sell my crafts. I do so many different things besides working with my Silhouette Cameo, but I need an outlet for all of it.

  11. Cindy - FL says:

    Mine is “LOST”………..not like you think. I’m not lost, but I do plan to lose a lot in 2013 (e.g., weight, guilt, etc.). Mostly things that just bog a person down and other stuff that keeps me from trying new things. I also like the use of a word in the past tense.

  12. Mama Pea says:

    My word is “center.” I liked the movie Rise of the Guardians, with the theme of finding your center. :-)

    1. jeana says:

      I haven’t seen the movie, but that sounds like a great thing to focus on for the year! :) Thanks for sharing!

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