Featured Artist :: Snapdragon Snippets :: Decorative Border Placemat

This week’s featured artist from the Silhouette online store is Snapdragon Snippets
Sticking with my Thanksgiving theme from last week,  I created a place setting for the “grown ups” table. Using one of the gorgeous 12 x 12 borders from Snapdragon Snippets portfolio I reduced the size  slightly so that it fit inside another 12 x 12 paper,  then stitched around the inside with my sewing machine to create a unique, inexpensive placemat. 
For the name card at each place setting I used a pumpkin and print/cut a small jewelry tag and attached it with gold thread. Super simple, thanks to my CAMEO. 
How are you using the Silhouette to help decorate for the holidays? 
p.s. I have a CAMEO dust cover to give away here on the blog this Friday. YAY!!  I will be selecting the winner from comments left on the blog throughout the week. Good luck everyone!
For more fun shapes from Snapdragon Snippets go here

97 thoughts on “Featured Artist :: Snapdragon Snippets :: Decorative Border Placemat

  1. Christine D says:

    Wow, thats a beautiful table setting. I am new to all this and am saving for my Cameo, can’t wait, so be handy to have my dust cover ready, tee hee! til then being truly inspired by your blog.

  2. Heather says:

    I have had my Cameo since last year when it was released in the UK and it is FABULOUS but would love a dust cover as crafting is such a dusty hobby! LOL! I have just discovered this blog and love the pumpkin decorations for the table! Truly inspiring!

    Thanks for showing!
    Heather Rogers xx

  3. Eveline says:

    I love the place mat. Thank you for sharing such a great idea.
    I use my Cameo much more than I did my Silhouette SD and it hasn’t really get a chance to become real dusty but I would still love to win a cover.

  4. lauriewe says:

    What a great project- could be used for a romantic date night dinner at home too! Love it. It would be to win the dust cover, because then I would have to buy a silhouette to use it with!

  5. shannon says:

    What cute little tags! I am still pretty new to using the Silhouette and am loving the possibilities of what it can do…still lots of experimenting,exploring, and crafting to do with it! Thanks for the chance to win a dust cover. It would help keep dust off and help keep curious toddler fingers from trying to touch it. Sincerely, Shannon :) smross17@hotmail.com

  6. kathy jo says:

    I love the placemats! I’m going to do some of those for an anniversary breakfast that my husband and I will be celebrating on Saturday. Thanks for the idea.

  7. Alyssa says:

    Love that seating placement tag! Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Kristeen says:

    Such a clever idea and so very charming. I would love to sit down to that place setting. Thank you.

  9. Deb says:

    Wow I love the idea of the placemats, I’m an Aussie so I don’t celebrate thanksgiving here, though you have given me inspiration to use the placemats and the name place tags for other occasions! TFS!

  10. Nancy Dawson says:

    What a great placemat! Can also be used as a dressy scrapbook mat! Love it… keep ‘em comin’ Nancy
    nancy at centralva dot net

  11. Gorgeous! I never remember that we can use paper for placemats!

  12. Pam says:

    Oh so lovely! A definite must for out table this year. Thanks for posting!

  13. Lisa says:

    What a grand table setting. Another project to add to my create list. I am using my cameo to make my craftshow tags. Really could use a dustcover. Thanks for the great idea and giveaway. :)

  14. BrandyRose says:

    I like the placemat idea. Never thought of that but it makes sense!

  15. SiskiyouSue says:

    I only have an SD, and at times like this I think I should get a Cameo right away. (Too bad my husband doesn’t agree…) As much as I love the SD, I really miss the ability to cut 12×12 paper! Your placemats are lovely.

  16. Betsy says:

    Lovely place setting.. Happy autumn!

  17. rena says:

    Love the place setting and the colors. Thanks for a great idea.

  18. Jeanne says:

    What a great way to set the Thanksgiving table. Thanks for the great idea!

  19. Ali Oshinsky says:

    I love this idea! I love all of the ideas on this blog. And I LOVE my cameo. So many great projects out there.

    Thanks for all of the inspiration.

  20. I am not terrifically creative, so these placemats are absolutely fantastic! I AM clever enough to go from your ideas….thanks for sharing this simple and elegant idea!

  21. Your place setting is GORGEOUS!! I love the colors and the organic feel. The place mat is absolutely beautiful.. what a fabulous idea! :)

  22. Jen and Ty says:

    The dust cover would be so handy. I am always worried about how I transport my stuff and all my problems would be solved. It’s so cute too!

  23. What a great idea! I love that it takes very little time to do it and can be easily customized to anyone’s decor.

  24. cropmom66 says:

    I would love a dust cover for my Cameo! Right now I just cover it with a towel…which isn’t too aesthetically pleasing!

  25. ds says:

    Love the placemat!!! A dust cover would be awesome–if I win it, maybe my husband will get the hint and surprise me with a cameo! :-)

  26. GIGIGI30 says:

    Oh, that placemat is absolutely adorable and I’d love to win that cover. Did I tell you that teal is one of my favorite color?….lol!

  27. Barbara says:

    Kenzie is one of my favorite designers, and did design my absolute favorite cutting file! I feature it on my Pinterest board. The placemat is gorgeous, and I wish I had a Cameo to cut it with. I love my SD, but it’s too small for this design. :-(
    I don’t need a dust cover for a machine I don’t have, but just wanted to give Kenzie a two thumbs up!

  28. Ann-Kay says:

    Awesome idea! I never would have thought of using my Cameo to create a placemat. Thanks for the inspiration!

  29. Mrs. Miles says:

    You mean I might have a chance to replace the ratty old black (functional but NOT pretty) dust cover protecting my beloved “Cammy”? Squeeeee I hope so and thanks for your post too!

    Wishing you Joy!

  30. Julie L. says:

    I LOVE the way you used the background shape for a placemat! So pretty and clean and simple! :) Thanks for the chance to win.

    Julie L.

  31. 1st image is beautiful, different than typical place setting and so pretty!

  32. Kristi says:

    I love this place setting – can wait for my Cameo to arrive so I can start trying out some of the awesome projects on this blog.

  33. stamper says:

    Great idea for the placemat!

  34. Christian271 says:

    I would love to win a dust cover! I’ve been keeping my Cameo in its original box, and it’s not very convenient.

  35. Melissa says:

    This is a great tutorial for using up 12×12 paper. I have a ton of extra pieces and this will fit the bill. It is great you are giving away a dust cover. I need one!

  36. Jennifer says:

    I’d love to win a dust cover!

  37. Amanda G says:

    LOVE! That’s such a good idea to use paper as a placemat.

    Ps- Definitely in need of a dustcover. :)

  38. Nat says:

    Darling! What a cute little centerpiece for Thanksgiving! Awesome!

  39. Lori says:

    Thank you! I had to go get these files :D

  40. Diane says:

    What a great idea for a placement. Will have to make some. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  41. Franb says:

    That is a fabulous idea! I am returning expensive placemats I bought! No worries about spills and stains, laundry or dry cleaning! Thanks so much! Would love a dust over!

  42. Suzette says:

    Where did you get your plates?

    1. jeana says:

      Hi Suzette, the plate came from Target.

  43. jnolan says:

    Just love the placemats. I think I will get started on some Christmas ones!

  44. Amy says:

    Were the small holes around the edge also a part of this image? I can’t see the detail enough in the store. I make stitched cards and would love to use a Silhouette to cut the templates, but I didn’t know it could cut that small. If it does, I’m buying one today!

    1. jeana says:

      Hi Amy… It does cut that small. Those tiny holes are part of the shape :) If you like stitching on cards you might also find this tutorial helpful once you get your Silhouette… http://blog.silhouetteamerica.com/2012/04/mini-album-series-typing-on-path-holes.html

  45. Jan☺ says:

    very elegant!!!!

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