Featured Artist :: Karla Dudley :: Vinyl Welcome Sign

This week’s featured artists is Karla Dudley. 
Her profile is full of words, phrases and shapes that work great for scrapbooking, cards and home decor. 
With upcoming holiday parties and family get togethers, this subtle welcome phrase cut out of premium vinyl, is perfect for the front door.
I really like the handwritten look that she carries through most of her shapes. It’s so popular right now too! 
You can view more of Karla’s shapes here
Have a great Monday!

3 thoughts on “Featured Artist :: Karla Dudley :: Vinyl Welcome Sign

  1. Wendy says:

    i love her stuff..wish she would add some more shapes!!!! please”!!!!!

  2. Cute! Does the adhesive vinyl remove cleanly and easily from surfaces? We have an antique door on our house and I’m afraid to stick stuff to it.

    1. jeana says:

      Hi Anandi, The premium vinyl does remove easily from surfaces and comes off clean as well.

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