Advent Calendar :: Instagram Style

Happy Halloween friends! I hope you all have an uber fun/safe holiday! 

How about a little Christmas for your Halloween? :) Today’s project is a little twist on the NEW Limited Edition Silhouette Advent Calendar. {I can’t wait to get my own! They will be available in just a couple of weeks} Of course it comes with exclusive shapes to countdown to Christmas… but really, it can be used all year long. Lindsey used her instagram photos combined with shapes from the online store to create this little tribute to her favorite season, fall. It turned out so cute!

You can get the dish on the advent calendar here.

13 thoughts on “Advent Calendar :: Instagram Style

  1. Sara says:

    When will it be available again? SO cute!

  2. Peggy says:

    So sad that today’s feature is unavailable…. but it is adorable! And to think we accidentally broke the glass out of two sturdy picture frames a couple of days ago… Can you say project?! :) and I have all my supplies!

  3. NoleyBelle says:

    it’s not available until November. It says that on the product page.

  4. Kelly Booth says:

    Can’t Wait to get one or Two…..

  5. Ashley says:

    Yay!!! LOVE!!! Love, love!

  6. This is super-cute! Can’t wait to grab one too! ☺

  7. I miss the advent calendar from last year with all the boxes and cubbies, but thanks for sharing ways to make this a versatile kit as well! I’d love to see more on your Pinterest page like last year.

  8. bea's welt says:

    Such a big idea, love it!!!

  9. Kelly Booth says:

    So Cute I can hardly wait to get one….Was Hoping you would bring the other one back too as I need to make one for both of my girls!!

  10. can you please link the shapes she used from the store?

  11. Ruby says:

    This is so cute, but I was really hoping for last year’s one. Any chance they might bring it back?

  12. ARiches says:

    Does anyone know where I can get a used 2011 version? The 2012 is super cute, but I’ve been dying to get the older one since I got my Cameo in September.

  13. *katie says:

    So, so love this!

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