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Growing up in Arizona there are a few ways to survive a summer. One of them is to head north to spend some time in the mountains where the air is slightly cooler than an oven. *smile* Every summer since I can remember {and even before that} I’ve been going camping. Some of my favorite camping memories come from the Schaub family campout. It’s a reunion of sorts started by my grandparents years ago, now its tradition. It happens the same time every year {or every other year now that there’s a bazillion of us} and in the same place up in the White Mountains. There’s hours and hours of games, hiking, fishing, napping, laughing, dancing, craft projects, rain, water balloon volleyball and the best food I’ll have all year long… all wrapped up in 3 fun days. Each year one family is in charge of organizing the event. Next time my family is in charge, I’ll be sending out these fun invitations. The car and trailer shape in the online store was perfect for this… it reminds me of our family car in the 70′s. Wow those were stylish times! 

This is a print and cut invitation I designed and printed from Silhouette studio. To add a little dimension I cut out the car and trailer separately and popped then up with foam squares. They look like fun little stickers. 

Here’s a quick way to take a regular cut shape and turn it into a print and cut… 

Open your shape in Silhouette Studio and fill in all of the pieces with color using the Fill Color window. 

Then once you’ve filled in all of the pieces and assembled them on your screen, select all of the car shapes and group them together and repeat for the trailer shape as well. Next, open the cut style window. We don’t want to cut each individual piece, so while all of the shapes are selected, click No Cut. 

Next, to create the border around the outside of the shapes that will be cut, open the offset window. With all of the shapes selected click Offset. You will notice that it puts a border around each individual piece. Not to worry, that will change once we apply the offset. 

Use the toggle under Offset Distance to decrease the offset moving the border as close to your shapes as you’d like. Once you have the desired distance, click apply. 

You will notice at this point that all of the inside offsets have disappeared and you are just left with the outer border. Awesome. 

Now, open the registration marks window and click show reg marks. Be sure that your design is outside of the grey hash marks and then print your shapes. 

Once you’ve printed the shapes, place your paper onto your mat as shown in Silhouette studio and load the mat into your CAMEO. Then, open the cut style window, select the offset lines and click Cut Edge.  

Now just open the cut settings window and click CUT… and watch the CAMEO work it’s magic. Voila…DIY print and cut shapes. 

Shapes used:
echo park car and trailer
assorted banner ribbons
pocket envelope

11 thoughts on “DIY Invitation – Offset tool

  1. Kathy says:

    Oh so cute! Thanks for the tutorial:) I lived in Arizona for four years and loved going to the White Mtns. or any other mountain where it was cooler!!

  2. What type of printer do you use?! My print and cuts always look so blah!

    1. Jess says:

      I have the same problem! They look like I just printed them at home and never come out as cute as they do on the screen :/

  3. Sandy says:

    I live in Arizona now, have for most of the last 40+ years and summers get hotter and hotter….last year my grandpuppy went up to Greer for two months for gun dog training, when we went up to get her home, I thought I had died and gone to heaven….So beautiful!!! I had never been that far north before! Just opened my Silhouette and feeling a bit overwhelmed, spent late last night watching You tube videos! lol This is such an amazing machine!!!! I also have a question about the printer quality, I have a HP Photosmart C8180 and I know there is a setting that gives better color but I can’t remember it and can’t seem to find anyone who does either! lol Sandy @ 521 Lake Street

  4. It’s not always the printer or the ink setting, but can be the paper that makes a difference in color and crispness. Any inkjet printer can use Epson Premium Matte Presentation Paper to make beautiful printouts! You can find it on or But make sure to get the single-sided kind, because the coating sticks like crazy to the cutting mat.

    I just use plain-paper ink settings on my HP printer with the Epson Premium Matte Presentation Paper (still comes out gorgeous), and medium cardstock settings to cut. I hope that helps!

    1. Thank-You for the info! I’ll be sure to give it a try! :)

  5. That is super cute! I hope to get a Silhouette soon and plan on trying something like this after I get the hang of it all. It is so cool!
    Thanks, A Bowl Full of Lemons, for sending me here! This is a great blog!

  6. FarmerChic says:

    I have my new Silhouette Cameo….haven’t touched it yet (fear of the unknown!)…but this blog intrigued me because I grew up in Tucson (where my husband was a vocal music teacher for 17 yrs) and then lived in Phoenix and Surprise for 20+ years. Now we reside in central Kansas…which is hotter this year than AZ. Just wonder if our paths have crossed in some interesting way. Thanks, K-Kelly for the tip on the Epson paper…will get some!

  7. Jenny says:

    this is so cute.. i enjoy making invitations and was not quite sure that i could create them on my SD.. WOW was i wrong? what size is the finished invite it looks huge but its gorgeous :)

  8. jintyoo7 says:

    Wonderful, thank you for a brilliant photo tutorial :)

  9. Jen says:

    Thank you! This was super helpful with creating a birthday invitation.

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