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Did you know that you can open, manipulate, cut/sketch your own designs with the Silhouette?  As a designer this is one of my VERY favorite features of the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition of the software. It came in especially handy when creating today’s project. I have been seeing all of these super cute frames and cabinet doors with chicken wire in them and I wanted to incorporate that look into my scrapbooking. It is a really random shape, and I knew exactly how I wanted it to look so I drew my own shape and was then able to use it with my CAMEO in creating this page. I kind of love how it turned out…

To use your own .svg files with the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition.

Go to file and select your .svg.

This is how my file looked when I opened it…

Once your file is open you can manipulate is just like you would any other shape you have downloaded from the online store. The solid lines of this shape are great for cutting, but I wanted it to look sketched. So, I selected the shape and in the sketch window clicked on “plain”

Then I sized, duplicated and placed it on my page where I wanted it to be sketched.

This next step is pretty important. Whether you are going to cut, or use the sketch pens you’ll need to define the cut lines in the cut style window. With your shape selected, click on cut and the lines will then turn red. Now you are ready to cut/sketch your image.

I replaced my blade with the sketch pen, selected Silhouette Sketch Pen in my cut setting and clicked cut. Voila…my design, exactly like I pictured it. :) The sky is pretty much the limit when you can use your own files.

Happy designing!


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19 thoughts on “Using your own designs…

  1. esther says:

    just curious, how is this different from using the trace function on the silhouette studio (non-designer)? :)

  2. rpp says:

    How do you use files like jpgs or other? Do you turn them into .svg files and if so…is there a turtorial somewhere and how to do this? I would love to do more designing, or upload other drawings I have done and am lost as to how to do it…

    1. Tangle says:

      I use jpgs all the time, you don’t have to convert them to .svgs, just upload it to your library, double click the image to load it to your mat and then trace it using the trace window. Drop a note on my blog if you need more details! Good luck!


  3. Marianne says:

    Is there a way to use .svg files with the standard Silhouette Studio. If so, how? I have seen cutting files on offer in online shops but they are always in .svg format.

    1. Tangle says:

      You can’t upload .svg without the Designer edition : (. I just bought it for that very reason. There are some sites that sell jpgs and svgs of clipart, I’ve found some one Etsy. Drop a note on my blog if you need help!


    2. Marianne says:

      Thanks for the info!

  4. Barbara says:

    Thee are tons of tutorials at the Silhouette Plus forum!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Love this layout! Great tutorial – makes me wish I had a Silhouette :)

  6. Rona says:

    I wish that they had “pens” in the same patterns as the “knives”… I would love to be able to draw a scalloped line!

    1. Unknown says:

      Hi Rona,
      You can sketch any image that can be cut. I sketch scallops on my cards alot…Just use your cut tool to make your scallop but put your pen in instead of the blade. Easy peasy… I have also made my own scallop lines by typing a C or O and rotating it, replicating it and then lining them up next to eachother…

  7. Kathy says:

    And I just sold my pens cause I didn’t ever use them!!! What was I thinking?! Love, love this layout. I do think designing my own things would come in handy sometimes. Guess I need to put the DE on my list of wants:)

  8. Paula Gale says:

    wow – this is great how this turned out, i’m very impressed. Can you only use specific pens in the machine or is it also able to take other kinds of pens? I definately love the look.


    Paula x x x

  9. Paula, Silhouette sells their own sketch pens with quite a few colors (my favorite is the glitter set). If you use the Silhouette pen adapter it only takes a limited style of pens. There are other adjustable pen holders out in the market that will fit the Silhouette and take a wider range of pens.

  10. cricaholic says:

    very interesting..need to get the designers edition. How did you design your own design? do the pens “bleed” on regular cardstock?

    1. Unknown says:

      You can do sketching in the original software also. Just replace your blade with a pen and change your cut settings to sketch. I have never had an issue of bleeding with any of the sil pens.

  11. Lalapette says:

    Krafting Kelly: Where do you buy the other pen adapters? I have the silhouette one but am having a hard time finding pens to fit other than bic/stick type pens. Also, does anyone else have problems with the pens “skipping” alot and the design not coming out? I have wasted so much paper–pretty much gave up on the pens. I have tried wiping the paper down first, double cuts, increase/decrease pressure, etc. I was using the glitter gel pens from Silhouette. I just figured it was because they were gel pens and had too much air in the ink or something like that. Any suggestions? Please and thanks!

    1. Unknown says:

      Hi Amanda,
      Are you changing your cut settings to sketch pen instead of blade? Other than that, I’m not sure what would cause these issues.

    2. Lalapette says:

      Hmm, I haven’t tried using the pens since I got rid of the SD and upgraded to the Cameo… is this a new feature? I will give it a whirl. Thanks for the tip!

  12. I don’t suppose you’d share your chicken wire image? I looked all around for one like it on Silhouette and the web, but don’t see one. And I am NOT an artist! ;-)

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