Tutorials: Designer Edition Sketch Feature

I just wanted to put a little plug out for the Designer Edition software today.  One of my favorite features from it is the ability to use sketch fills and sketch outlines on any regular cut shape.  Take a look and see how much fun you can have!

I of course start with the shapes I will be using to make my card.  I will specifically be sketching the reindeer, so we will focus on that.

Start by ungrouping the shape and moving the pieces of that shape off the artboard by clicking and dragging off onto the gray area.

Now that you have the shape you will sketch prepared.  Make duplicate copy of it.  I will be cutting out around the sketched shape, so I have found that it is easier to place the “non-sketched” shape on top when you are ready to cut.

Now lets get to the fun part.  Start by selecting the shape and then clicking on the sketch options in the Designer Edition Software.  Here I am selecting the continuous edge and the hatch fill.  Click around and try different combinations.

You also have the option to alter the look of your sketch options by selecting the advanced link.  Here you can slide the toggles back and forth to create different types of sketch lines.

Once you have decided on the sketch look you are ready to sketch.  Because we have 2 shapes we want to make sure we are only cutting the one we want.  To do this, click on the cut style option.  Here you can select what you are going to “cut” or in our case sketch.

As you can see I have selected no cut to the shape without the sketch fill. Send it to the Silhouette and sketch it out.

Now that it is all sketched out you are ready to cut it out.  We will now reverse that last step.  Make sure your sketch shape has no cut lines and make sure the other has cut lines.

From here I simple drag and drop the image on to the Sketched shape in my artboard.  This will tell the machine to cut out on top of my sketch.

Just as a little note:  Leave your sketched paper and mat in your silhouette during this last process.  This way the machine will have everything lined up and ready to cut out.

Now lets take a look at the end result.  It gives a unique and gorgeous handmade look to your shapes!