Tutorial: Fabric Ink Starter Kit

Curious about the Fabric Ink starter kit???  Take a look at how amazing it is!  Your kit comes with the stencil vinyl and transfer tape rolled in one.  You also get a hook tool, ink tray, 1 bottle of black fabric ink, distressing sponge, sponge brush, instructional DVD, idea book and a download card with the 10 free shapes.

To download click on my account, if you haven’t set one up yet you can do so by clicking on free account in the online store.  Under my account select the button that says “Redeem Promotional Download Card” link.  Then click “Apply Card”.  It will take you directly to the place where you will be able to download the shapes.

From here it will be downloaded to your library.  If for some reason you do not see them in your library you may need to recover the order.

Now that they are downloaded I have chosen the pirate to work with.  So I will click on it and import it into my artboard.

The next step is to cut it out.  Choose the vinyl settings load your stencil vinyl into the silhouette and hit cut!

Once that is done weed away the shape leaving the negative space to act as the stencil.  You can use the hook tool that came with your starter kit to help you with this process.

Once that is done you will place the transfer tape on top of the vinyl stencil.  Using the scrapper tool you will want to make sure a good bond will secure the two together.

I am going to prep my fabric ink next.  Squeeze a small amount onto the ink tray.  I will be painting the pirate a little grungy on this onesie, so I like to use the distressing sponge.  It is quite large so I will be cutting it into pieces I can use.  I do this by cutting the sponge in half and then into quarters.  This allows me to work with it a little easier.

Then peel away the transfer tape/vinyl stencil from the vinyl backing.  You then place it where you want on your project and using the scrapper again you will make sure a good bond exists between the project and the stencil vinyl.

Then you can peel away the transfer tape.

Dab your sponge into the fabric ink.  I will pat the excess off just so I can have a little more control of the grunge feel.

Once you have acheived the look you want, let your fabric ink sit for 20 minutes.  Then you can peel away your stencil vinyl to reveal the shape.  Once your Project is completely dry you will iron the ink to set it.

This little onesie will be perfect for that little Halloween monster!  Happy Monday!

8 thoughts on “Tutorial: Fabric Ink Starter Kit

  1. Fun project. Do you place something between the layers of the shirt so it doesn’t bleed through to the back side?

  2. Sandra says:

    This so fantastic! I just love this fabric ink.

    Sandra :)

  3. CraftCrave says:

    Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the Cutting category today [27 Sep 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  4. Anonymous says:

    Kelly, I have used the kit a few times and I also was not sure so I put cardboard in between my layers. Next project I did not use anything in between and it turned out perfect so no need as the ink does not bleed through.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I had a tiny tiny bit of bleed through on a onesie, but it only went to the inside of the back and didn’t show in the final product. I’d say if you’re going heavy on the ink and it’s a dark color on a light fabric, you might want to put something between the two layers!

  6. Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

  7. SaraD says:

    Are these stencils reusable?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Does the fabric ink work on any kind of fabric?

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