Tutorial: Rhinestones

For some of you this may be a tutorial you have seen before, but I want to share it again for all the newbies out there. It is so fun to create projects using the rhinestone.  Many of you don’t understand how the silhouette relates to the rhinestones, so I am going to show you how!

Of course start with the shape you are going to cut out and then load your rhinestone template material on the cutting mat and load it in the machine.  As usual choose the correct setting, in this case you need to choose the rhinestone template material preset.  Then send it to the Silhouette and cut it out!

The next step is to peel away the template material from the backing.  All the little circles that were cut out will stay on the backing.  Pop out any strays and then place down onto the backer board in the kit.

Now you are ready for the fun part.  Pour in your rhinestones and using the brush spread them around.  I have found that with a firm “smear”  the rhinestone go into place.  Now, something you must know, is that the backer board is not sticky so the rhinestones are simply going into place.  Brush away the excess rhinestones and using the pick-me-up tool you can fill in any little spaces with the extra rhinestones.

Your next step is to place the transfer tape on top of the rhinestone design.  Just go for it!  Slap it down!  Smooth it down so you make sure it touches the tops of all the rhinestones.

 Now you are ready to peel the tape off (trust me all the rhinestones come right up!)  Then place it on to your project.

 The next step is easy, just apply heat.  Using an ironing cloth or any old piece of cotton fabric you have lying around press the rhinestones for no more that 45 seconds.  Its super fast!

Peel away the transfer tape to reveal the design.

One last step for good measure.  Turn your project inside out if it is clothing and iron the area where the rhinestones are.  This will give it a great bond.

Here’s the big reveal.  A gorgeous shirt worthy of any little diva!  This shape is available in the Rhinestone starter kit only.  I hope you have a great day blinging up everything in site! *wink*

5 thoughts on “Tutorial: Rhinestones

  1. berkley says:

    I’ve tried this several times and I set it on the recommended numbers however I have to punch out most of my circles as they don’t come off on the backing. Any suggestions?


  2. CraftCrave says:

    Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the Cutting category today [16 Aug 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  3. Very cool! Good to know!

  4. Debby says:

    I wish you would set up “Follow Via Email” on this blog. I keep forgetting to check in… Love the T shirt!

  5. Missie says:

    I would love to know where to get the Kit that you refer to. Thanks!

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