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I’m so excited to be guest posting today here at the Silhouette blog… giddy really! I’m Heather the founder of WhipperBerry, a fun, crafty, DIY blog. We specialize in anything that makes life tasty, fancy or fun! One of our favorite products EVER is the Silhouette. We have been working with it for quite some time now and have really fallen in love. I have recently started working with the heat transfer material and my stars… what a great design element.
With the summer approaching I decided to make a Chore Ribbon for my kiddos…
WB 043 copy
This is kind of a non traditional approach to the chore chart. I used the silhouette vinyl for the hanger and then used the heat transfer material to place my girl’s names directly on the jute ribbon. Here’s how I did it…
First, I created my girl’s names in the Silhouette software with the LD Charming Bold font that I purchased from the Silhouette store. Keep in mind when using the heat transfer material you need to create a mirror image to place on your fabric.
I then cut the heat transfer material according to the package instructions. Next, I carefully peeled the excess heat transfer material away from the plastic…
WB 001 copy
I flipped the image over and placed it on the jute ribbon…
WB 012 copy
… with the image right facing and the plastic sheet on top of the heat transfer material.
WB 014 copy
Next, I place a thin cloth over the ribbon and the image and ironed according to the package instructions. After it has cooled for a few minutes carefully remove the plastic covering and voila…
WB 049 copy
…the heat transfer material in now firmly affixed to the jute ribbon. To finish the project I added vinyl cut with the Silhouette using the same font to the wooden hanger…
WB 033 copy
… now isn’t that cheerier than a chore chart? There is a “need to do side” and a “finished” side to the ribbon with all of the jobs on labeled clothes pins. Place the clothes pins on the appropriate side of the ribbon with a reward section an the bottom to track their rewards.
WB 053 copy
Hang from a covenant door and you and your kiddos have a fun way to track what they have accomplished for the day.
WB White copy
Come on over to WhipperBerry we have a few more Silhouette inspired project that we think are quite dandy. Thanks Silhouette for this fun opportunity to share our Silhouette love with your fans!!

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