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Silhouette will be featured on a television shopping program in the very near future so I am preparing ideas and samples and all types of fun goodies to take with me when we air.  One of the important features we like to share with others is the ability to cut true type font files that you have as part of your font collection on  your computer.  I have specific faves that I like to use on a regular basis so why not be able to cut them out?

This is a board I will be displaying to show off that feature.  Subway art has become a common place item in most homes these days, so its a fun way to show various fonts.  A good rule of thumb for easy reading subway art is the idea that less is more.  While some look fabulous with a variety of fonts, when you are learning to design your own select 3 to 6 fonts that work well together and reuse them throughout your design.  You also want to make sure each row of words are straight and that all the letters land on the same baseline. (this is the invisible line under each letter).  Meaning, make sure you have clear line definitions so that you don’t end up with floaters.  A good way to make sure you are concise is to use the grid tool in the software.  This will allow for an easy read and clean design. 

Good luck on your next subway creations!!!

Century Gothic
Mesquite Std Medium
Engravers MT
Edwardian Script

31 thoughts on “Subway Art

  1. This is really how did we use to say it??? “COOL”!!!! I haven’t made one on my own always used Wordle for a short cut. Love it!

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  3. Gorgeous – one of the #1 reasons I want a Silhouette – creating artwork. Some day…hopefully sooner rather than later :) {In fact I am working on a gift for my niece right now and had to print/trace/cut my letters out of contact paper BY HAND (horrors!) – time consuming!} Lisa

  4. Outstanding! Will definitely be trying this!

  5. You should do a tutorial. I love this!

  6. Marcy says:

    I must agree with Granny… Very cool…
    Now about that tv shopping program???
    Can’t wait to hear the details!!!

  7. I used my Silhouette to make a Subway Art piece for my home! I love it!

  8. Thanks for the great design tips on creating this! I’ve been thinking about trying a project like this; now it doesn’t seem so overwhelming.

    And I agree with Marcy: details on the TV shopping program?

  9. valerie b says:

    I’ve tried Subway art with no success. Yours is fantastic! Tutorial please.

  10. Annaliese says:

    visiting from i(heart)naptime’s blog… what a great tool!

  11. Becca says:

    Just came from I {heart} naptime and love your stuff!

  12. Just came over from I {Heart} naptime and I love Silhouettes! I would love to have one!

  13. Tania says:

    Stopping in from I {Heart} Naptime. Love the Subway Art.

  14. Andreina says:

    Visiting from from I {heart} nap time

  15. visiting from i heart naptime! Love all the fun giveaways this week!

  16. Lisa says:

    visiting from I {hear} nap time. WHat a FUN idea!

  17. Jen says:

    Visiting from I <3 nap time… love your tutorials- now I just need to take the time to try some of them!

  18. Love the subway art! I’ll definitely be putting that in my file of things to do soon. Visiting from I {heart} nap time.

  19. liz says:

    SO want to make this!! Sent over from I heart naptime!!!

  20. Anonymous says:

    psst… something’s a bit wonky with the “” … they’re not on the same line

  21. Tamara says:

    I would Love to make something like this. I am visiting from I {heart} nap time.

  22. Cat Jones says:

    Now THIS is what I’m talkin’ about…thanks I heart Nap Time for suggesting I come check this out!! I heart my fonts, and the fact that I can use what I have to create some fun stuff makes me oh so happy…I’ll hafta go play at my friend’s house and give this baby a whirl ’till I can save my pennies and go get one for myself.

  23. Jessica says:

    Trying to win a silhouette on somewhat simple

  24. beautiful! trying to win a silhouette myself from F&J :)

  25. Coming over from Somewhat Simple — I would love to win one of these so I can make cute projects like this!

  26. Sarah says:

    Visiting from Somewhat Simple!

  27. Cari K. says:

    I love the subway art.

    I’m visiting from i heart naptime

  28. jtp513 says:

    Your subway art is beautiful! And all your words are aligned to page margins! I need help with this in the Silhouette Cameo software. I can’t figure out how to Align my different words to the page so all words and images are aligned on the top, right, left and bottom. Manually dragging is time consuming and I can’t get it perfect. There only seems to be a CENTER TO PAGE, not Align to right or left. Is there a way to do this? Any help is greatly appreciated!!

    1. jtp513 says:

      forgot my email for responses:

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