Tutorials: Rhinestone tips and tricks.

Every time I am approached by someone who is interested in the Silhouette they are always curious about the rhinestone shapes.  First they want to know how the you use the machine to create the designs.  I tell them about the rhinestone template paper and how the Silhouette cuts out the circles to create the template for the rhinestones.  That all makes sense…its just the placing of the rhinestones in the template that is the most overwhelming…that is until I show them.  Take a peek!

So here we have taken our shape and already cut it out of the template material and placed it on the backerboard so we can start with the rhinestone placement.  The shape used is actually a reindeer but i will not be filling in the antlers I just wan t a little deer.

This next step is technical *wink*.  Pour rhinestones on  to rhinestone template.

Using the brush you received from the rhinestone starter kit, press down slightly and with a firm back and forth motion spread out your rhinestones on to the template.

Once you have the majority of it filled in you can then use the brush to remove what excess you can off your template.

This is where the handy dandy, “Pickmeup”  tool comes in.  It has a sticky end that will grab stray rhinestones right off the board.  You can also use it to place the rhinestones if you have a few empty spots.
What you will do now is simply place the tape/rhinestones on to your project!

(ps.I added a black rhinestone for the eye and a cute pink rhinestone for the nose!)

Peel the rhinestone tape away from its liner and place on to the design.  Be brave..you can do it!  And then peel it away!

Amazing huh?

Now place it on to your project!

The final step is to place a pressing cloth on top of the tape that is holding the rhinestone design and press for 45-60 seconds.  Allow to cool and peel tape off.

Now your little project is complete!  I hope this encourages you to take the plunge and bling up everything in sight!


27 thoughts on “Tutorials: Rhinestone tips and tricks.

  1. Okay, I think you’ve talked me into buying the rhinestone starter kit ;) This project is adorable and you make it look so easy! Thank you!

  2. Debbie W says:

    That is so cute. One of these days I will take the plunge and get the starter kit.

  3. MaryLee says:

    Until now I never understood how the rhinestones worked and so I just kind of passed them by. I think you may have just sold me on buying the starter kit. Too cute and looks easy too.

    1. Jenna says:

      This was me too. I always wondered exactly how the rhinestones played a part in the cameo and this helped so much!!

  4. Kelly says:

    Well I tried to use the brush to do as you did but for me it was still a pain. I still had to flip most of the rhinestones over. It took a long time and then the first time I washed the shirt after the stones being on it….came off!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for posting this! I bought the rhinestone starter kit, but haven’t been brave enough to use it yet. And I was also worried about what Kelly (above) mentioned on washing… how are you supposed to wash these embellished clothing items to keep the rhinestones from coming off?

  6. Nik says:

    this is very informative! so glad you posted a tutorial! also wondering about the washing element.

  7. Sasha says:

    Traci, your little deer project is so adorable and looks very professional!

  8. ~Mychl says:

    The little deer on the shirt is adorable!!

    I am wondering which mat should be used to cut the template? (I need to get a new one, but need to know if I need to get both of them)


  9. CraftCrave says:

    Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the Cutting category today [29 Mar 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  10. PootleFlump says:

    Dont the rhinestones all have to be the same way up? Ive heard people saying its a pain flipping them all over and isnt as easy as its made to seem? Are they washable or do you have to handwash?

  11. Kristin Call says:

    I’ve been wondering how the rhinestones work for the longest time. Thanks for this!!

  12. Melissa D. says:

    I have had the starter kit for so long but have been afraid to try it…no longer! Thanks!

  13. Erin says:

    I made my first shirt the other day with the rhinestone kit, and the only problem I had was actually cutting the circles out… my blade is fairly new, and I used the recommended settings, but I still had to poke out about 90% of the holes myself before I could even start on putting the rhinestones in!! VERY frustrating – any tips?

    That said, once I got all the holes taken care of, it was pretty easy to get the stones in them and the correct way up, and putting them on the shirt was super easy. The shirt has also been washed twice now (in my washing machine) and I haven’t lost any yet!

    1. Lani says:

      If you bend the material slightly, you can pop out all the circles easily.

  14. Another tip–save your template you’ve cut if you think you’ll ever use it again. I used a flower shape with a swirly stem and have used the whole thing or parts of it for four different projects!

    I did it on denim and on lightweight fabrics. The denim was the only one I had trouble with getting it on and staying on with multiple washes. (But I have the template and can re-apply more rhinestones on the one section it did come off.) I wash my rhinestoned clothing inside out.

    Mychl–you don’t have to use a cutting mat because, like vinyl, the template material is on a backing.

    My biggest frustration is getting the holes out of the template material once cut and getting the rhinestones to all go face-up consistently. But I think there’s just a learning curve and once you’ve got your cut settings just right and practice the technique then those should get better. (I actually have better luck just gently shaking the rhinestones into place rather than using the brush tool.)

    Hope that helps if you’re on the fence about the rhinestones!

  15. Lindsey says:

    I have have had a hard time finding solid color onesies. Any suggestions?

  16. Kelly says:

    check hobby lobby for the solid color onesies

  17. Traci says:

    It does take some getting used to but once you try this technique a few times it really changes how you work with the rhinestones. The brush flips over the rhinestones as you move it back and forth. But the key is to have a little pressure as you brush them back and forth.

    Also something to know is that it will not flip every rhinestone over. The key is not to place every stone with the brush but to have the majority placed making the few extras a breeze to place.

    Just as a plug for the pick me up too. I could not live without it when i am doing rhinestone projects!

  18. Tia Mi says:

    Yes!! I want to buy it too, thanks for the tip. I am a Silhouette big fan… since the old one!! I love this machine.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I really appreciate this post and all the comments people have made. I have used my rhinestones a few times. I love the look, but struggle with the holes not being cut out and getting the stones turned over. I will keep working with the cut settings and maybe it will be easier next time. I do love it.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Hello, I love rhinestones! And I bought the I_designR lite for designing my own, but I cannot understand that software (no clear manual). Can you do some tutorials on that software for different kind of designs for rhinestones, please. Can find anything on the web. Thanks

  21. Shahny says:

    I have to agree with Tiffany Steiner. Totally wanna buy the starter kit now. So adorable!!

  22. how did you do the wording?

  23. Mary says:

    I was wondering the same thing! What did you use for the wording?

  24. Michael says:

    What a great write up! I actually own a Rhinestone shop, and love it when I find helpful rhinestone blogs! I hope you have more that people can follow on! I love your design too! Looks good.

  25. Lani says:

    Working with the silhouette inverted star that has over 220 rhinestones, it would be too hard to do anything manually. I found that in the original design if I released the rhinestones and scaled the design up 5%, the holes are big enough to catch all the rhinestones and there is room for the hairs on the brush to easily get underneath and flip the rhinestones that are the wrong way. I had 100% success in placing all 3 sizes of rhinestones flawlessly without having to do a single one manually.

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